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Monday, March 19, 2018

Scientists have found a way to extend the life of one and a half times

A group of specialists under the leadership of Brian Kennedy of the Institute of aging research Tank found 238 genes, the removal of or disabling of which significantly extends the life of yeast in the laboratory. Many of these genes are present in organisms of many other species, including humans. As the researchers report, the most effective was the disabling of the gene LOS1.

photo: pixabay.com

In the experiment, experts have grown about 4 700 modified yeast — each individual was removed a particular gene. With a few microscopes experts watched how many times subsequently, a one-celled organism was able to share (the researchers whenever after dividing, the scientists removed the “child” cell and continued to follow the “mother”.

Some of the 238 genes, whose influence on the aging process were recorded during the study, it was known and earlier, however, the vast majority of 189 to associate with the speed of approaching old age, was able for the first time. Most significantly extend the life of yeast has allowed the disabling of the gene, called LOS1 — individuals who have been removed he lived for about 60 percent longer than normal. It was previously known that this gene is involved in the formation of some important proteins.

According to the researchers, the study allows the specialist to get a more full idea of what constitutes the aging process at the genetic level. According to the researchers, about half of the discovered genes are not only shiver, but also in mammals despite the fact that from the point of view of evolution, they are very far from each other and belong to different biological kingdoms. This, according to scientists, it may mean that these data will one day get used in medicine and probably in the future will extend the life of the people.

The results of the study experts presented in the scientific journal Cell Metabolism.


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