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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Invented a robot that can “recharge” from dirty water

A group of experts from the UK, which represents University of Bristol Robotics laboratory and Bristol, presented an unusual robot able to provide himself with food just as some of the underwater inhabitants. Inside the mechanism is inhabited by microbes that feed on dirty water and releases energy, and the robot due to this energy moves and absorbs the new water.

photo: pixabay.com

As reported by experts, the creation of robots capable of producing energy without human help, has always been a daunting task. For example, solar panels not efficient in every situation, because not always the robots are functioning in conditions of continuous bright illumination. And, as is often the case in robotics, to solve the engineers tried to “take a cue” from living organisms.

The robot has a kind of “mouth” and “stomach.” Every three minutes the mechanism sucks a certain amount of water, while simultaneously doing ten strokes with the oars installed on it. Then the dirty water is digested by microbes located in a special chamber inside the robot. During the next three-minute cycle, purified water is routed through a special hole and re-replaced dirty. Thus, theoretically, the robot can be fully operational until it is completely cleaned pond, or until its mechanisms are not physically wear out. On the surface the robot is maintained by using four floats.

Efficiency the robot was able to increase, and fabricated elements made of polymeric material. In the three minute recharge “oversized” enough for it to operate for ten seconds, and the unused energy should be sufficient to maintain the operation of a sensor.

The most obvious use for robot experts call the cleaning of reservoirs, which could be held in a fully Autonomous mode.

About their design engineers said at the sidelines of the Hamburg scientific conference IROS 2015,


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