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Friday, March 23, 2018

How to make a career: the success of a person is 80% dependent on nutrition in childhood

It is known that nutrition plays a huge role in the life of each of us. And recently, scientists have proved that the mood and level of emotional intelligence of the child, and, as a consequence, success in adult life, related to how well-built his diet. And a huge role in this diet play milk and dairy products.

photo: pixabay.com

We all know that our taste habits come from childhood. Very often they remain the same until the last days. According to scientists, the conscious formation of tastes and preferences in certain products comes from age 6 to 10 years. But while more than 30% of Russian children at this age to eat junk food — these are the data FITS of Nutrition. In addition, 30-50% of all diseases in Russia are considered to be nutritional, that is, directly related to diet. Therefore, pediatricians do not get tired to repeat that if you teach a child to eat properly from childhood, it will save him from many health problems in adulthood. Moreover, proper nutrition determines the success of the younger man, which is based on the so-called emotional intelligence or EQ.

The acronym IQ, of course, many people know. But about the EQ began to speak recently. We are talking about a person’s ability to master their emotions and to think positively, set a goal and achieve it. According to recent research, only 20% of success in social and personal life depend on IQ, that is, directly mental abilities. In other words, the improvement of logical thinking and Outlook is not the key to his future success in life. With 80% contribution in the success of making it to the level of development of emotional intelligence. In addition, scientists have proved that low level of emotional intelligence can lead to difficulty in recognising and identifying their own emotions, which increases the risk of occurrence of psychosomatic diseases in children and adults. The ability to control their feelings and to consciously influence their emotions, to communicate effectively with other people and find a common ground, the ability to recognize, to recognize the feelings of others and to imagine yourself in the other person – all components of emotional intelligence.

EQ, as we have said, depends on the supply. What products today are recognized as the most “positive”? It turns out that dairy. First and foremost, yogurt and other milk products with probiotics. “Few modern parents know that, for example, plain low-fat yogurt will provide a child a third of the daily recommended allowance of calcium and 17% of normal protein. And certainly few people think that the habit to eat properly from childhood may affect that person grow not only healthier, but also, for example, 17% happier than their peers who in childhood preferred chips useful products,” – said the teacher-methodologist, expert in awareness-raising projects, Natalia Chalaya.

So to set the child on success in the future, as it turns out is not so difficult. The main thing — to instill in him proper eating habits. According to psychologist and leading expert in the field of emotional intelligence development Victoria Shimansky, “of love if the child yoghurt, fruit and vegetables or regularly indulge in junk food and soda, depends not only on his physical health, but also such seemingly fundamental things like a predisposition to a good school and further their professional career, the opportunity to become the soul of the team or build a strong, happy family. Instilling in your children a love for healthy eating since grade school age, we are literally programming their for a successful and happy life. Teaching children the principles of healthy nutrition is devoted to all-Russian socio-educational project “Healthy food”.

Of course, there are certain age-related peculiarities of the development of emotional intelligence. For example, the EQ increases as you gain life experience, growing during adolescence and maturity. Today there are special training programs that significantly increase the level of EQ among children. According to the results of one such program, teachers noted that children 30-50% improved performance – performance, cohesion, number of conflicts, the ability to Express their opinion, interest in books in General, and estimates of parents to 40-50% improved performance – falling asleep of the child, understanding the emotions and feelings of the child, the manifestation of positive emotions with the child, independent reading books, conversation with the child on different topics. Some programs have already begun to integrate into the school.


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