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Friday, March 23, 2018

Gaft read the epigram, dedicated to Vladimir Zeldin

Died actor Vladimir Zeldin. He lived to 101. About Vladimir Mikhailovich remember his colleague Valentin Gaft, Lyudmila Chursina, Boris Morozov, Viktor Sukhorukov, Valentina Aslanova.

photo: Michael Guterman

Vladimir Zeldin

— I epigram him he wrote at the time, says Valentin Gaft.

You are way passed big and bright,

Dance teacher – that God is with him.

You’re so loved his pig,

As God forbid her to be loved.

But it’s all nonsense. I have dedicated to him another poem:

Be born when he is in the light,

The jester, the angel on the magic funeral feast.

It’s all there, only age in it,

As there is no age in life.

— Valentin I., you had to work with Vladimir Mikhailovich?

— Didn’t work. Never. But talked. Of course, when he was younger. We are here with him somehow remembered how together was in Sochi, and I was impressed with her figure, with its swimming and as he was going up to the buffet on the 16th floor. Or 14, don’t remember. We are still in the Elevator I was driving and he was sitting in the cafeteria, we waited, drinking his tea. He was running in the Elevator did not go.

— Light was a man? The impression is left.

He was handsome, mild-mannered, with a special intonation in her voice, friendly. But it could be a bold man, especially when he was protecting someone. Then he raised his voice and eyes became fierce. He is kind as a child.

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Boris Morozov, the main Director of theatre of the Russian army:

Is it possible to say that the service at the theatre extended the life of Vladimir Zeldin?

— Of course, and it’s all thanks to his creativity, love of the profession. When he said its 100th anniversary, celebrated his 101 years, he was transformed when he went on stage. Though it was occasionally very slowly to the stage. But when I crossed the line between backstage and the stage, something suddenly occurred to him, a miracle!

— And the truth is that he was extremely modest in life?

— He lived very modestly. This is probably the last romantic in its pure form, in the pure sense of the word, in this sense. Romantic theatre. And he gave people their art is bright, Sunny, fair, truthful, and most importantly — help the viewer to live. And it is all so loved. He was truly popular. I’ve traveled — and he traveled with us to distant garrisons in small towns… and when was the name “Zeldin”, in the hall, something happened, something magic. And he talked constantly — “I have to work. Have to work. Should be on the stage. It gives me life, gives strength”. And his way is perfect.

— When goodbye?

— Roughly 3 November at 11 a.m. in the theater. Now we specify.

* * *

Lyudmila Chursina: “Vladimir Zeldin was a rarity, he lived a long, decent, bright and interesting life. Was love, honor and respect. The bright memory of him. Thank you.”

Viktor Sukhorukov: “For me he is the actor of the era, and a role model. Second there is no such. Another thing, you will live for 50 or 100 years, does not matter, most importantly, what you leave behind. “My years — my wealth” is just the song so sung. Unfortunately, the person remember not age and acts. But Zeldin has lived a beautiful, heroic life worthy of their country. I can’t get to that age…”

Valentina Aslanova: “He’s my godfather, actually. Because brought me to the Theater army in the role of Florina in the “dancing Master”. His incredible kindness and faith helped me to become what I became.

Small detail: when he wrote his book, called and said, “Valya, my dear, do you mind if I your poem, I dedicated to be placed?”. “Vladimir, Yes, I’m just happy I will.” Delicate all over.

I am very young, Yes, I have had school, but the Floren play hard — well it should be beautiful but should also move. And it was the year of his 60th birthday. And, of course, you can invite another Director that I was prepared for the role. So he’s not allowed to rehearse with me himself. And when we came to these dances, and a lot of them, I asked — “Vladimir Mikhailovich, I’m going through!” “No, only together!”. This attention to the ordinary for the young artist.

And I’m crying now. Cry from the words of costume designer, said, “Dead my Lord.” And when that person leaves, someone makes the dots… But you can’t do dot. Because his soul was beautiful. As Fomenko staged where our stage ended with the words — “my Soul, my soul…”. And now is the memory of joy about Zeldine. In all things seminal in all the details. For example, a sweet he loved. I wanted it to somehow please some good tea, candy… Or cake — delicious impossible, I made it.

— It is very beautiful, noble was getting old… which is rare for the male actors.

King. Always very tastefully dressed. My husband, a well-known journalist, conducted teleconferences with America. And he had to go to Monaco for a film festival. A prize was given there in the company of Prince albert. In those days it was impossible for us to buy a bow tie. And I turned to Zeldin, knowing that he has… “Yeah, sure, I’ll get it, what the conversation!”. Instantly. Nonsense, but how much attention on his part. With age people are mostly unpleasant, with a didactic tone, all the while appealing to the past — say, in our time… And he kept pace with the times, it was impossible not to love. Beautiful. Sane. People, I think, just found out today that in the “Tale of the Siberian land” he plays the piano. And surprisingly modest. The fate of his cherished”.

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