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Sunday, March 18, 2018

At the exhibition in Moscow has recreated the lost apartment of Mikhail Bulgakov

Who will decide the curtain of the jubilee year of Mikhail Bulgakov to look into the “Bad apartment” — I’d catch her half-empty. The exhibits, including the front door, temporarily moved to “New Manege” exhibition “Bulgakov. Two biographies”. In one of them, Mikhail appears.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

— About two biographies, the statement, of course, provocative: two out of a possible hundred, — says the curator of the exhibition Alexander Godovanets. The first biography in vivo. The second writer, who no longer control their works after the author’s death they talk about it themselves. Moreover, it is not only a vivid portrait images, but also movies, plays, illustrations… From them, it becomes clear that his status as a cult writer, that has got only the status of a classic.

Fifteen thousand square meters with a stylish black and white design divided into thematic zones. First — white library with glossy desks–display cases — we are talking about the early career of Mikhail Bulgakov. (From the description, where born, married, on what side sleeping, the organizers refused — everything is in Wikipedia.) The story is based in 700 exhibits, half of which was first shown in public.

The piece with the first publication of “Future prospects”, prophetic-pessimistic: with the prediction of the revolution and its consequences. Published an article in the newspaper the white guard “terrible” (in the same city was edition). Bulgakov made the front page a piece to mark the beginning of his writing career, leaving a trail that only he understands. Such traces cut, glued or poteryannye publications represented at the exposition, the author kept the book, which not without reason was called “an example of reflection”.

When there are days of the Turbins, Bulgakov comes to the theatrical stage. Therefore, in the next room comes to life real theatre: stage, actors, albeit in the drawings, the curtain with Mat Chaika. It falls painfully familiar shadow from a reduced model openusing the monument to Pushkin (in the Tretyakov gallery). Bulgakov devoted to the poet play. Practically after it was written in Mikhail Bulgakov offers acting, he will test it in the “Pickwick club,” playing a judge.

The entrance to the auditorium is blocked by tape — we remain behind the scenes where travelling with Bulgakov from one piece to another and learn how it was hard for him in this world (sad, he looks the portrait of Nicholas Radlov, leaves heartbreaking diary entries). Bulgakov became an eyesore Soviet censorship, which was trying to oust him from the literary process. There is a solution — to emigrate, but the writer does not produce.

But went abroad of his second wife Love Belozerskaya, with a brown suitcase hanging on the facade of the theater. She traveled with him to Paris, Constantinople, Berlin. When they returned, they shared with her husband memories, which formed the basis for the play “Running”. Bulgakov was not released abroad. Even after writing plays about the youth of Stalin. The writer thought that it will allow you to put in the theater, and specifically went to Batumi to study the material on the ground. But it catches up with train a telegram: “come Back to Moscow. Need travel anymore” (the form is hanging on the Board, intended for billboards). Although, according to Stalin, a play he liked, but to put it he wouldn’t.

The local theater and the lobby: here is the gallery of cartoon characters in “the Theatrical novel”. For architecture and design (benches in a row, and above them portraits) of Mat, it resembles the foyer of the old photos which are juxtaposed with satirical images. A talented artist and draughtsman Boris Livanov wrote caricatures of colleagues of Bulgakov’s characters: someone turned fat, the other with the nose in the form of a hook, and the third with saggy lips…

— It’s time to look at the mythological part, recreated the third Moscow apartment of Bulgakov in Nadolinski lane, lost in the late 1970s, the demolition of the house, — says the Director of the Bulgakov Museum Peter Mansilla Cruz. — Total installation differs sharply from the memorial Museum and thereby creating the stress and anxiety. This is the story of the interpretations, adaptations, life publications after the author’s death. Our logical story begins in 1940 and ends in the present.

The layout and interiors of the space very accurately reproduce the Bulgakov’s apartment, which has been preserved in photographs and drawings of friends. Modest wooden chairs, a chest of drawers, wardrobe, Desk. Here Bulgakov worked on “Master and Margarita”, I wrote “Theatrical novel” and the play “Batum” about Stalin. Here is an add-on that is attached to the house in the 1930s, it was called “writing” here lived Dmitry Furmanov, Ilya Ilf, Osip Mandelstam…

In the living room the exhibition is built around a movie — dozens of ribbons hang from the ceiling to the floor and roll the film adaptation of Bulgakov’s works. Around the room are scattered a spectacular installations, collages, illustrations by contemporary artists.

We drew the actual art, the latest technology, to show how the work of Bulgakov interpreted in the XXI century, — said the Director of “Manege” Irina Tolpin. — Build it as simply as possible, without snobbishness, to ease the immersion in the world, connecting the images of literature and reality in which he lived Bulgakov.


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