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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A psychologist named three main reasons why people see ghosts

On the eve of Halloween, the unofficial “holiday of evil spirit”, a British psychologist Neil Dagnall from Manchester Metropolitan University told the reasons why people often see ghosts, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena. That is hardly similar phenomena exist in reality, does not mean that these observations always is the only one visionary, the scientist believes.

photo: pixabay.com

As explained by the specialist, a man often sees that he is psychologically tuned to see. In the case of ghosts this case may illustrate a scientific study in which scientists gave two people the “tour” of the theatre. While one group reported that, according to rumors, this theater is haunted, and the other in the time of the tour renovations. As you might guess, the two groups quite differently interpreted the same extraneous sounds, and a lot of waiting to meet the Ghost was under the impression that the supernatural beings were really close. However, a number of studies shows that for effective suggestion information about ghosts should lie on fertile soil: people, initially admitting the existence of some supernatural forces were much more receptive to the “warnings” of this kind.

The second factor scientist called electromagnetic fields and infrasound. Both of these phenomena, according to the expert, able to influence the human brain, but it can’t be fully perceived by the senses, and sometimes this creates the illusion of contact with something “beyond”. Moreover, in some houses and palaces in which, according to rumors, ghosts were indeed fixed magnetic field, which, in all probability, was the true cause strange feelings to visitors. The scientist also cites a study in which some people were allowed to listen to music, accompanied by infrasound and others to find the same pieces without any “add-ons”. Subsequently, the first group admitted that the music made them feel anxious, uncomfortable, or sad, or even feel “shivers down my spine”. At the same time, the second group took a musical composition is much quieter, writes The Independent.

Finally, unusual vision may simply be the result of poisoning by toxic compounds — carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and many pesticides. Also the hallucinations of this sort can be caused by waste products of many fungi, including those living in old books. According to experts, this can be another important reason why ghosts often see in old and poorly ventilated rooms.


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