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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Why will win Hillary Clinton

The victory of Hillary Clinton’s pollsters predict. Rather stable throughout the autumn of consolidated polls give her an edge of about 7-8% over the Donald trump. Except that in the US the system does not direct election, and vote first of all on the States. But in this count Clinton also gets consistently more than trump.

The main reason for the victory of Clinton that many Americans want to participate in a historic vote for the first time to vote for a woman President. For the first time in U.S. history, the woman made it to the final round of presidential elections. Many voters want to participate in this historic vote in person to ensure a breakthrough of the country, that it rose to a new level of freedom. Many believe that when women occupy top positions, it means that the country is more developed.

The second main reason is that today, Hillary Clinton is a consolidated candidate of the US establishment — those few thousand families of Americans who for several not years, not decades, and already centuries ruled the United States. Most members of the establishment believe Donald trump’s threat, and Hillary Clinton believe literally the Savior of their power. So she has the ability to spend on your ads 4-5 times more than Donald trump, and of the key media for it about 80%. Most visible mass media in favor of Hillary to the point that if someone from their staff will be Donald trump, it just can be fired, like it was done by the Washington Post or CNN.

Hillary Clinton is much more experienced in politics than trump, and no one questioned her professionalism which was evident in the work of a Senator, and as Secretary of state, and, incidentally, the first lady under President bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton is another important reason for the victory of Hillary Clinton. When it was all good: had such terrible problems with terrorism, the American economy developed rapidly, growing standard of living, and the bill was a very popular President. Associated with it very fond memories of the Americans. Therefore, many believe that it would be very wise if Hillary Clinton for the management of economic processes can be attracted by this bill, he was successful in his presidency.

Support incumbent President Barack Obama, too, is Hillary Clinton a plus. Since many of the problems now overall Obama is perceived positively by the population, and support rating of its activity on a post of the President above 50%. Hillary has actively supported Michelle Obama, which is even more popular than Barack. Obama, and Michelle, and Vice President Biden’s great access to the media, and they tirelessly lead the election campaign in support of Hillary Clinton.

Voting for Clinton will not only vote for her as against trump. Her lack of flaws, but trump the American media, which overwhelmingly for Clinton, put just some monster. Campaign against Donald trump’s reminiscent of the campaign “God forbid!” against Gennady Zyuganov in 1996, when it was depicted as a hybrid of Hitler and Stalin in one person.

Scandals with women and taxes are still the weak point of the trump. His performances are so rigid and radical, shocking a society of political correctness, especially in relation to “non-white” ethnic groups. Actually trump, of course, the vivid truth-teller, but without political experience, and many voters are afraid to have such a President.

The attitude of the Tramp in the United States is similar to the attitude of Russia to Zhirinovsky. That is, listen with pleasure to all, but to make the President prepared a few. Brightness and roughness of the positions trump his opposition to the establishment led to the split of the Republican party so much so that prominent party leaders, many senators and former presidents such as George Bush Sr. said, they would vote for Hillary Clinton.

There is another statistical moment, which plays in favor of Hillary Clinton. The fact that supporters of the Democratic party in the US, the majority, but many of them are representatives of the poor, sitting on welfare, and they do not love to go to the polls. So the turnout of voters is low. However, this campaign was very bright and intense, which will increase turnout. If it increases turnout on average, it means the active participation of those groups that are usually reluctant to go to the polls: African-Americans, Hispanics, representatives of various “minority” groups, ethnic minorities are afraid of trump as a spokesman to the views of this silent majority.

Therefore, the probability of Clinton winning is very high. Millions of ordinary American voters want to change the history of his country, for the first time having a woman President.


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