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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“This is weird”: Hillary Clinton counterattacked Director of the FBI

“This is bigger than Watergate,” the phrase about his attitude to the scandal surrounding correspondence former Secretary of state and now presidential candidate from Democratic party on presidential election, Hillary Clinton, Donald trump, speaking at a campaign rally, repeated three times. On Friday, FBI Director James Comey announced that in connection with the discovery of new e-mails his office resumes investigation of the use of Clinton (when she was head of the Department of state) personal email server for work – including secret correspondence.

photo: youtube.com

Hillary Clinton did not defend, and rose in a furious counter-attack, collapsed to the Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation: “it is Rather strange to make such statements, while revealing so little – and right before the election”.

“Actually, it’s not just weird, it’s unprecedented and a matter of deep concern, because voters should have all the facts,” prophesied Mrs. Clinton at a rally in Daytona beach (Florida).

Senate Democrats asked the FBI and the U.S. justice Department with the requirement to provide more detailed information on the resumption of the investigation against Clinton. According to supporters of Hillary, the Bureau’s decision to reopen the investigation, before the presidential elections when the elections only a few days left, will be used in the interests of political rivals.

Indeed, the incriminating evidence against the candidate of the Democratic party can affect the mood of undecided voters to tip the scales in favor of trump. Some of the supporters of Clinton in Sistah made statements alluding to the fact that the head of the FBI is playing into the hands of Russia (as is well known, the peculiarity of the current elections in the United States was repeated by Democrats, the idea that Moscow is trying to influence the outcome of the November vote).

That is why Clinton and her entourage require the FBI Director Komi is urgent to answer the question whether the newly found letters secret information. The problem is that James Comey, voicing data on new materials, did not give any specifics. And while they’re at it, trump can use scandals for their own purposes.

We will remind, what exactly accused Hillary Clinton. In 2009, she was sworn in as Secretary of state. And shortly before at her home in new York, was installed the mail server, which she used both for personal and official correspondence. Its official postal address so she never in all the time, the leadership of American diplomacy and not used. The scandal about this broke out last spring.

Mrs. Clinton apologized for their actions, calling them a mistake. But is explained by the fact that it’s easier to use one smartphone, which was installed only one mailing address.

By and large, the particular sin in the actions of Clinton were not, but critics alarming is how Clinton explained it (is not fully). The fact that the use of personal email for official correspondence did last vulnerable to hackers and foreign intelligence services. In July this year, the Federal Bureau of investigation, came to the conclusion that Clinton is really “very casually” kept classified information on his personal email server, has decided not to present any charges. Justice Minister Loretta Lynch said at the time that Hillary Clinton will not be indicted in the case of official correspondence.


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