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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Temporary saving citizens becomes permanent

“No social obligation not deleted, not reduced, on the contrary, in some cases, we even went to some indexation”, — assured the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev President Vladimir Putin, reporting to him about the results of the work on the draft three-year budget…

Submitted to the Duma on 28 October, the project’s main financial plan for the evil traditions of the crisis last year was accompanied by a package of several “social” laws, which refer to a particular order of execution of these “social obligations”. After reading them (two prepared by the Ministry of Finance, one by the Ministry of labour and social security), you can understand what the government is going to do with the impossibly high, as many experts believe, and inefficient social expenditures in the near future. Here’s the plan: from social obligations do not refuse, as political constraints like the presidential election in 2018 not allow, but as I try to reduce their size.

One of the “minfinovskih” laws extends to 2017 the action taken in the spring of 2015 law on the suspension of the indexation of benefits provided for in 24 existing laws: the salaries of civil servants, judges, servicemen and equated categories of social benefits and compensations.

The indexation of these payments to the regular routine tied to the inflation rate — forecast, included in the budget for the current year, or actual, achieved in the previous year, but after a sharp fall in oil prices from the budget began to have serious problems… When the law on the suspension was taken for the first time, it was said that this measure of emergency, is for one year. But at the end of 2015 it has been extended and 2016.

Now “given the economic situation,” the refusal of indexation of many benefits and payments extended again and again in the explanatory Memorandum to the bill States that only one year, and everything is temporary. The budget will save about 120 billion rubles. About 17.5 billion of which will give the refusal of indexation of the parent capital: it is not indexed for two years, is now 453 023 rubles, and will remain so until 2020.

The one adopted in 2015, the law, however, provides for mandatory indexation of most frozen of obligations from 1 February 2017 “on the basis of actual growth of consumer prices for the year 2016”. And from 1 February 2017 will increase, for example, compensation to the relatives of those killed in the line of duty military personnel (now 2 million). And a burial allowance (4 thousand)…

The list of payments and benefits from 1 February 2017 was expected to grow by 5.8% (expected in 2016 inflation), the government decided to reduce by a few points. Salaries of judges, military personnel and Federal officials will not grow, and regional officials, local authorities can the salaries be indexed if funds are available. Scholarship funds at universities in the index — but not on February 1 and September 1 that will allow the Federal budget to save 2.3 billion.

But from January 1, 2018 and for all, the government is proposing in fact to abandon prescribed until the laws are mandatory annual indexation of some social benefits — this follows from other minfinovskih of the bill. The sum insured according to the law “On compulsory insurance of life and health of servicemen and persons equated to them”, compensation to victims postwakcinalny complications, an annual payment to the honorary donor, the size of the cumulative contribution of the participants in the cumulative mortgage system for servicemen will be indexed from 1 February, but just in case, “unless otherwise provided by Federal law on the Federal budget.” And the salaries of the judges, officials, military servicemen and the salaries of the police, and the payroll assistants to state Duma deputies and senators, the law is necessary to index promises — the question of whether to compensate or not the decline in real income of these categories of people because of inflation, will also be addressed each year when adopting the budget. There will be money — will index, will not be — no.

The new mechanism will allow to take into account the prevailing socio-economic conditions and to comply with legislated expenditure commitments of the Russian Federation, including social, believe in the Ministry of Finance. If the rules are not to enter, afraid of the financial office, the budget for 2018 will have to find an additional 68 billion rubles, and the budget 2019 147 billion.

Some of the most mass and socially significant compensation another bill prepared by the Ministry of labor, proposes to index mandatory level achieved over the past year inflation. All in one day — February 1. We are talking about is spelled out in 11 statutory benefits and payments to Chernobyl veterans, the victims of the accident at the site of Semipalatinsk and Mayak, monthly monetary payments (EDV) of socialist labor and Heroes of Labour of Russia, Heroes of the USSR and Russia, full gentlemen of orders of Glory and Labour Glory, the compensation to victims of accidents in the production, burial benefits, monthly cash payments to veterans and disabled persons, compensations for the disabled for the upkeep of guide dogs, the allowance for pregnancy and childbirth and other. For the implementation of the new scheme in the draft budget the money until incorporated.

“This will preserve the purchasing power of these payments”, — believe in government.

If I may, only at the current level, have fallen over the past two years when the indexing was not performed.


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