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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

October 30, Russia marks the Day of memory of victims of political repression

The theme of repression of the Soviet period remains a source of discord in Russian society, although the public political agenda it has been present for thirty years. Common and balanced position of the state leadership is that we must learn to accept our history in its entirety, with all its victories and tragedies, achievements and crimes.

Each year on 30 October in Russia celebrates the Day of memory of victims of political repression. Events dedicated to the memorial day traditionally cover much of the country.

“The theme of national tragedy was not of uniting society, and generating another split”

On the eve in the center of Moscow at the Solovetsky stone in the tenth time has passed the action of memory “the Return of names”. The participants read out the names, professions and dates of those executed in the years of repression. The event was attended by the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova, head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov, and ex-Ombudsman, a member of the Council of Federation Vladimir Lukin. Next year, on this day in Moscow it is planned the opening of the monument to the “Wall of sorrow”, dedicated to these tragic events of national history.

Tatiana Moskalkova before memorial Day I visited with a guided tour in the Museum of Gulag history, saying that in the school curriculum appears direction on rehabilitation of repression victims.

The theme of repression has suddenly acquired a new meaning in recent years in the public life of Russia. Since the mid 1980-ies it became one of the main charges, denounced the Soviet period of Russian history. High-profile revelations, terrifying detail, shocking figures for the number of repressed become an important part of the agenda of the late and post-Soviet society.

However, almost 30 years of development of this theme led to the result, obviously a surprise to many activists, dealing with the subject. Russian society is in some sense “closed” from her.

There are several reasons, but probably the chief were the following.

First, many of the most well-known figures, pushing the topic into the public field was discredited. Public knowledge has led to numerous of impropriety, exaggerations, manipulation, and even outright lie in their statements and work.

Secondly, the theme of repression carefully “pulled” on all the other themes of the historical period, especially those that are a matter of national pride: from world war to space travel.

The topic of repressions in the Soviet period, in the eyes of society from the object of study and public understanding has become a tool of rough and dirty propaganda that was used to mudslinging and defamation of the entire Soviet period, and then the country itself.

This entailed, in General, natural reaction of rejection. In recent years, more and louder declare themselves activists, who argue that repression does not actually exist, and what was, was actually justified, people who got under a skating rink of the state machine was not innocent and got what he deserved.

As a result, in recent years more and more often there are scandals and debate, where opposing sides are radical and irreconcilable positions. Suffice it to recall what fierce disputes were caused by the press-Secretary of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on Stalin.

The theme of national tragedy was not unifying, and generating another split.

Somewhat surprisingly, in this situation, the most reasonable and adequate to the position in Russia state leadership. It refuses to look at Russian history through black and white glasses. The story, which always borders on good and bad deeds and crimes, where every breakthrough and every victory, paid a huge price. It didn’t detract from no wins, no Grand breakthroughs and achievements of our past.

The state took on the responsibility of States repression, under the ice which caught millions of people.

The government is ready to accept our history in all its contradictions and complexity, not rejecting even the heaviest and darkest of the page. The government is striving to convey this message to society, which continues to “fight” in social networks and media.

The Chairman of the State Duma of Russia Vyacheslav Volodin on the eve of memorial Day I visited the Studio of the sculptor Georgy Frangulyan, author of the monument created. He said that “it is impossible to forget or bypass the memory of even the most complex, bitter and heavy periods” of Russian history.

And yet very Mature current position of the Russian government regarding the country’s history, including themes of repression, there is another very important aspect. For the first time in the history of the state understands the importance and necessity of careful attitude to the people of the country achieve the goals and implement the planned projects not at any price, and as low as possible victims.

And it’s like nothing else, gives hope that the tragedy of repression in the country won’t happen again.


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