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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Obama failed on the first attempt to put into operation the newest submarine

In the United States inaugurated “the modern submarine” nuclear “Illinois”. The ceremony was attended by first lady Michelle Obama, according to custom, broke on Board the ship bottle of champagne. According to retired American officers, anti-submarine ability of the United States in many ways, “atrophied”, but the Navy still retain superiority over submarine fleets of Russia and China.

In the United States on the eve of the latest commissioned nuclear submarine Navy “Illinois” (Illinois), the cost of which amounted to 2.7 billion dollars.

“The Russians continue to move forward with a series of technological improvements, while the US and its allies constantly distracted by the war in Iraq and Afghanistan “

The ceremony, which was held at the military shipyard in Groton (Connecticut), was attended by first lady Michelle Obama. Thus, she became the “godmother” of the submarine, whose name was given in honor of the home state of the President’s wife. “This is the most modern submarine in our Navy. It is able to perform any task – from rescue operations to research – said the first lady. – I feel proud that I became part of this event.”

“Illinois” belongs to a class of multi-purpose submarines of “Virginia”. In addition, in service with the us Navy consists of only 12 such submarines. Also one submarine being tested, in parallel is building two more. Submarines of this class are designed to fight enemy submarines at depth, as well as for coastal operations. “Illinois”, whose length is 115 meters, can accommodate up to 130 crew members and able to carry on Board a high-precision cruise missiles, long-range “Tomahawk”. It is expected that over the next 20 years, the Navy will receive 30 boats of this type.

The Board gave in only his third attempt

Construction of the submarine began in March 2011. Now she has received the hull number is SSN 786. The submarine was made by the company General Dynamics Electric Boat. Michelle Obama also had previously participated in the laying of the ship and left their initials on the small metal parts used in the construction of submarines.

The spouse of the President was given the right to name the submarine, and the day before, at the ceremony of launching the “Illinois” in the water, according to the tradition to break on its bow portion a bottle of champagne that Obama was able, however, only on the third attempt.

Recall that in early August the press reported that the United States was going to increase the firepower of their submarines to three. So, finishing the work on the prototype of a new launcher called Virginia Payload Modules (VPN), which will increase the number of cruise missiles on Board shock submarines of class “Virginia” from 12 to 40 units. Prototyping launchers, the developers aim to complete by next year. The first submarine, which will be installed new modules should be built in 2019, and built before 2025. However, consider the possibility of installing the VPN on the existing submarines of this class.

“Acoustic superiority” over Russia and China

In addition to submarines “Virginia”, in service with the us Navy, there are 18 submarines of the Ohio, turned into a media “Tomahawk”. Each of them can carry up to 154 cruise missiles. “Ohio” is considered the basis for strategic offensive nuclear forces of the United States. Meanwhile, work is underway on modernization of Ohio.

Submarines plan to equip stealth technology, making the submarines will be the “quiet” in the world in terms of discovery, notes the American magazine National interest. The submarine will receive a new stern in the form of the letter “X”, thus reduce noise and improve maneuverability. In addition, for submarines designed by the “more silent” electric engine technology. To create them, the Navy has spent on research for about 15 years, said the journal. New developments involved the same firm General Dynamics Electric Boat.

The new technology will be put into operation by 2030, they will meet the challenges of the time, even by 2080, assured the representatives of the Navy. Thus, the United States settled in the “acoustic advantage” over the fleet of Russia and China, who do not cease to compete with American technology, according to U.S. experts.

Anti-submarine ability “atrophied”

According to the newspaper, the main problem in USA remains significant reduction of the parts for the anti-submarine warfare. In September of the same National Interest has noted: while in Russia, as you know, 56 submarines, China – 70, and US – 52. While the Russian submarines are smaller than China, but the Russian is a much more high-class, recognized the then Deputy chief of the Navy Joseph Malloy.

“The Russians continue to move forward with a series of technological improvements that appeared at the end of the Soviet era, at the same time, the United States and its allies are constantly distracted by the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and allowed their anti-submarine abilities to atrophy,” added captain us Navy retired Jerry Hendricks.

The turmoil of the 1990s years have not yet allowed the new Russia to extract the maximum benefits from these developments, he said. According to Hendrix, from the time of the cold war, part of the antisubmarine defense has become obsolete. And Russia and China at the same time increasing the intensity of its submarine operations, which may complicate future operational plans of the Navy, says Hendricks. Another problem is the shortage in the Navy prepare for a real fight, because previously was not invested enough investment.

While the submarine fleet of Russia and China, from the perspective of Hendrix, is slightly inferior to the U.S. Navy, in the future, these two countries could mount a serious challenge in this area, if the Pentagon does not take the necessary measures.

As recalled by TASS, by the end of this year, the level of rearmament of the Russian army and Navy will reach 50%, and by 2020 the share of modern equipment in the army should be at least 70%, such a task set by President Vladimir Putin.


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