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Friday, March 16, 2018

Echo Montenegrin elections: who is playing the Russian and Serbian map

Held in Montenegro on 16 October parliamentary elections made a tangible tension in the relations of the Republic with Russia, as well as with neighbouring Serbia. The reason obviously was the fact that the day of the vote determined whether to keep their current Prime Minister and leader of the ruling party of socialists Milo Djukanovic, the actual power in the country. In fact, Djukanovic directs Montenegro a quarter of a century, having since 1991, four times Prime Minister of the Republic, and from 1998 to 2002, its President. However, the creation of an opposition coalition that threatened the continued stay at the helm of the Montenegrin policy number one.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Milo Djukanovic

During the election of Milo Djukanovic has repeatedly spoken about the fact that his policies, implying a speedy integration into the EU and NATO, the country oppose the Pro-Russian opposition forces receiving financial and organizational support from Russia.

“Russia has invested significant financial potential that are believed to be secured through its oligarchs and conducted through secret channels in Serbia and the Republika Srpska of Bosnia and Herzegovina” – said the Montenegrin Prime Minister in an interview with Reuters three days before the election.

Thus was played the Serbian card. As you know, Serbia does not support sanctions against Russia and does not seek to become a member of NATO. So in this story she actually took the role of an ally of Russia, almost in a coup.

On voting day, Montenegrin media reported about the detention on the territory of the Republic group of 20 Serbian civilians with guns. According to investigators, they had, disguised in the form of the Montenegrin special forces to open fire on the crowd in front of Parliament after the proclamation of the first results of voting and to occupy the building, as well as to arrest the Prime Minister Djukanovic.

However, information about the incident differed greatly in different sources and even in the Special Prosecutor’s office of Montenegro. First, it was reported that a group of Serbs detained when they went to check the warehouse, delivered to the country with automatic weapons and ammunition. The chief Prosecutor then Milivoje Katnic said that “the weapons were not delivered to the territory of Montenegro, and destroyed in Albania, through which it tried to import”. Twenty-six of the detainees “terrorists” was released after the first interrogation.

Finally, a couple of days before the announcement of the final results of the elections on 30 October in the media leaked information about what Serbia allegedly to expel the Russians who were involved in the coup attempt in the neighboring country. With this, even tried to link the visit of the “chief of Russian intelligence Nikolai Patrushev” (as it is called in the Balkans), which, according to some media reports, flew to pick up the organizers of the failed coup in Montenegro. However, it was soon made official statement of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Serbia about the fact that no Russians were detained, and the more sent Home.

“Mr. Patrushev arrived in Serbia, we talked about the development of our cooperation, the fight against terrorism and extremism, cooperation in fighting against organized crime and, of course, continue our military-technical cooperation and cooperation in the field of emergency incidents. Of any citizens it was not, Serbia nobody was deported, and it was not a situation that someone has served with Mr. Patrushev, who arrived with him,” insisted the Minister of the interior Nebojsa Stefanovic.

And on the day of the official results of the Montenegrin elections on Saturday, an unexpected event took place on Serbian territory. This time the vigilant guards found weapons and ammunition in close proximity to the family home of Prime Minister of Serbia Alexander Vucic in the suburbs of Belgrade. In the Arsenal of found hand grenades and ammunition for Kalashnikov. It turned out that survived as his Montenegrin counterpart, is a target for intruders.

Before the Serbian Prime Minister announced the identification of the country of the criminal group, which organized the surveillance of his Montenegrin colleague. He made emphasis on the fact that criminals are not connected with politicians in Belgrade or Podgorica, despite the fact that well organized and equipped with the latest technology. Some of them, he said, was arrested a week after the elections in Montenegro with physical evidence and gives testimony to the Serbian law enforcement agencies. But who are they, and where the head of government said. Now the public demands more accurate to call, it is the head of the Serbian government crossed the road.

As for Milo Djukanovic, according to the official results of the elections, he managed to get 36 out of total 81 seats in Parliament, together with six mandates small parties and ethnic minorities provides an almost guaranteed parliamentary majority. The only concession to the Prime Minister of Montenegro opponents was the nomination of his Deputy in the party, Dusko Markovic candidate for the post of the new head of the government, which, however, will not prevent Djukanovic continue to run the country.

Svetlana IVANOVA, Belgrade


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