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Friday, March 16, 2018

Dmitrichenko, who was imprisoned for “acid attack,” returned to the Bolshoi theater

The ex-soloist of the Bolshoi Pavel Dmitrichenko, convicted as the organizer of the “acid attack” on the artistic Director of the Bolshoi ballet Sergei Filin on 5.5 years in a General regime colony, returned to the Bolshoi theater. We will remind, on may 18, he was released on PAROLE after serving half of his term (three years and three months since his detention in March 2013). As it became known “MK”, Dmitrichenko for a month already goes to Great at the morning classes to the teacher Vladimir Nikonov, to restore the form and later try to return to their home stage.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Pavel Dmitrichenko prefer journalists not to talk, but took the troupe to his appearance? About it to us on condition of anonymity (to be Frank with the press, the artists still don’t want) I agreed to tell one of the soloists of the Bolshoi theatre…

— He has served his sentence, and it is believed that the man in this case his guilt atoned for, and by law he has the right to return to the profession. That is my life back, creativity, a fresh start with a white sheet. And that is his decision I respect and positively. Another thing is whether Pasha after 3 years in prison for ballet class did not have the necessary conditions to return to the Bolshoi theater? Although I know that he, and these conditions did not stop. And how, after all this time, he has the right to work in the Large? The question is…

— Do you know who gave him the pass for lessons and rehearsals at school of the Bolshoi theatre? And do you know about this theatre?

— I don’t know, not asked Yes, and this is hardly appropriate… a Pass he could make anyone. Engaged in the theater classes he’s already more than a month, and I have no doubt that the management knows about it.

Did you see him in class?

— He goes to the morning class, to Vladimir Nikonov. If we talk about its form objectively, now he no, not fat… But became more massive, or something, if I may say so, more pumped that ballet, of course, not very good. But I know that the person he is stubborn… very stubborn… Even their goals to achieve the Pasha, and he is quite able to come to the appropriate form. And the class does everything well… I vaguely heard and even saw on Facebook a photo of the performance (if not photoshop) that he even, most recently, for the first time after signing came on the scene and has danced Prince Siegfried in “Swan lake” with a repertory company, and can, in concert. That is, a person really wants to return to the profession.

— How to react to his appearance? After the attack, the company in this respect divided, some condemned him, but most did not believe in his guilt and signed the relevant letters in his defense… What is the situation now?

— Calmly reacted to it favorably… Many, of course, when I saw it for the first time after a long absence, could not hide his surprise. I know he did some time were afraid to come to the theater… Even in the summer until the end of last season, he several times came to the office door, met with friends, but the theater itself did not go, because I was worried, as it will meet the team. And was pleasantly surprised by the friendly attitude toward it. Any negatives there are to it absolutely. Maybe the unit didn’t take that too well… But I don’t even know…

However, we talked and detractors:

Yeah, went to classes, came, say, on a new Mercedes. But I didn’t see him… Pass him for 2 or 3 months gave urin. Without an Executive Director for such a long time pass is to just not. Ignorant people think he did his time and clean to society. But let me remind you that he repented and was released on parole, that is the next 3 years will remain under observation. So with dancing at the Bolshoi — all, it’s hopeless. He himself, probably, in General, understands this. At least in the theater seriously his claims to be the dancing not take.

Cautious in their predictions about the dance future Paul Dmitrichenko at the Bolshoi, and the General Director Vladimir urin. In an interview with the Dancing Times, he said: “there are rumors that Pavel Dmitrichenko is returning to, and it would be a difficult situation. However, after 3 years spent in prison, he is not the same dancer, physically and emotionally. So the main question is whether he can return to form, which is necessary for a dancer Great? Great is the work, and it should be based on professional principles.”


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