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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Contemporary artist took his job when he found out that she was introduced in “ROSIZO”

Recently Olga Sviblova said that museums are good because in the summer they can cool, and in winter to keep warm. Remember this every time when you walk on forever blown icy winds ENEA. Good, now here exhibition the exhibition the exhibition chases. One of them – “the Time movie” – was presented by the gallery “ROSIZO”, which recently criticized the experts for the absorption of the NCCA: that the government will flood the projects with the actual art. How is it in practice – we found out, by looking at the exhibition.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

Five rooms – five emotional portraits of an era. Going back to them, sitting on a leather sofa in front of 10-foot screen, where sweep the fragments of “Cheerful children” Grigory Aleksandrova and “Aelita” by Yakov Protazanov. With them you get into “Days of enthusiasm”, which in full glory you’ll enjoy the work of contemporary artists. Here’s “Parade of athletes” Boris Orlov: young Komsomol addictive colorful mold of Khokhloma, as if the history disappears before our eyes, like covered with a duckweed pond.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova
The parade of athletes Boris Orlov

In the center of the room on this large garage stands the column, collected from the trunks in the box and the brick stars, like Stalin. Irina Korina, recently won a similar work in Karachay-Cherkessia, made a parody of a column in the lobby of metro station “Kurskaya”. The artist decided to mock the dreams of the Stalin generation of wealth.

They were not destined to come true – it’s “loss of hope”. It POPs up in the film “Spring on Zarechnaya street,” “Nine days of one year”, “romance of the lovers”… Under this kinroad subtly fit the work of the romantics of modern art – for example, Viktor Pivovarov. His series of “Steps of a mechanic” captures the most mundane things: lamp, bedroom, drop of water…but everywhere in the material world hits the man.

Is the mechanic, the person who makes the arrangements, explains Mr Pivovarov. We lost a lot, broke in my life. Steps and mechanics – it is a symbol of hope that once everything in our lives will come into order.

Opposite the drawings Pivovarova weighs on olive canvas of the famous dipper Ilya Kabakov with the inscription: “Anna Makarovna, whose is the ladle?”. Neither we nor mentioned here Yefim can not answer, but knowing the “kitchen series” Kabakov understand: a) it tells the story of the communal existence of problems, b) tells a sad anecdote, in) refers to art as a zone of conflict, not unanimity.

The time after that to go in the 1970s, where full creates Nikita Mikhalkov (“a Few days from the life of Oblomov”) and Roman Balayan (“Flights in dream and reality”). Their complements “Slogan” – flag with an angry naked lady is trying to pour acid green Goblin – the work of the legendary band “Collective action”. For almost 40 years, the participants made regular trips to the suburbs, where carried out actions of varying degrees of incomprehensibility. “The slogan” they hung in different places and checked the reaction of others to him is a “Time of chaos”.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova
The caretaker tries not to look at the “Slogan” of the group “Collective action”

About “Time change” makes you think “Brother-2” Alexey Balabanov and the work of AES+F, kiss girls Mickey mouse Dubossarsky and Vinogradov. One day in the same hall hung the picture of Timothy’s Sake, where a residential building was written – “Hey you love me”. The artist decided to pick it up when I found out that the gallery, which kept the work, gave it to the exhibition without the consent of the author. This was told by the curator of the exhibition, the main artist of the “First channel” Dmitry Likin.

But without the pictures For the exhibition was a success. Not only because of the authoritative names (Kabakov, Pivovarov, Acorn, Gutov) and the stylish architecture, but also thanks to the chips, such as virtual reality helmets, which you can see a Soviet tank. So the “ROSIZO” presented a quality project, gentlemen. You can go and bask.


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