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Friday, March 23, 2018

Why Depardieu has arrived in Turkey for “Golden orange”

53rd international Antalya film festival was held between the two explosions is quiet and peaceful. Forced to relive his Directorate is that Gerard Depardieu. Three days before the presentation of awards for achievements in his career became known that he was in Turkey not come.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Gerard Depardieu

14 November near Antalya fired at the fishing port. Three shots fired, one person was killed. October 25 in the Parking lot near the chamber of Commerce and industry was rocked by another explosion damaged several cars. The day of the planned event with participation of the mayor Menderes Tures. He became a patron of the Antalya film festival and its President.

The first festival was called “Golden orange”, but in 2016 the old brand was abandoned, since it does not contribute to the growth of international prestige of the festival, according to organizers. But the prize “Golden orange” was. It was supposed to Depardieu. Why didn’t he come to Antalya? The famous French actor and Russian citizen, of course, was not afraid of explosions. He is a brave man constantly repeats that grew up in Marseille, from a young age has gone through fire and water, and knows no fear. Depardieu did not really explained the reason for the absence. In a letter addressed to the management of the festival, he said: “This award is very important to me. I hope to be able to come to Antalya next year and get her personally. I am grateful to all, including the Antalya film festival, which found it possible to give me a reward, but I won’t be able to arrive to the ceremony”.

But came from the USA 77-year-old actor Harvey Keitel received a similar award. On the opening day of the festival celebrated Audrey Tautou, which also was awarded for career achievement, for sure, not only because she’s a good actress. Can be remembering its role of Turkish emigrants living in London, in the film “Dirty pretty things” British master Stephen Frears.

Recent events with all the calm of daily life make themselves felt. First, he was arriving from Russia the participants of the festival is a brochure in the Russian language “July 15, 2016: attempt “the Gulen” coup” (event report)”. Some Turkish filmmakers who were in the opposition, which predicted a sad fate, was present among the guests and participants of the festival.

Two Russian paintings and one created with the participation of Russia, was presented in a different Antalya the programs. In the international competition was presented to the debut “Strange house” the Georgian Director Rusudan Glurjidze created with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. Rusudan is over forty, she shot music videos and commercials, produced movies, and has now directed a picture about how some people left their homes, while others took them during the civil war in Georgia and Abkhazia in the 90s. One of the roles played by Olga Dykhovichnaya. “A strange house” was awarded the special prize jury headed by British Director Hugh Hudson. Presenting the award American actress and jury member Andie MacDowell, admitted that he was happy because this picture shot woman. “Sometimes a movie becomes your refuge. He follows you, and you begin to see the world differently. This visionary film,” she said.

In “Panorama” along with such famous films as “Toni Erdmann” and “Captain fantastic” showed a full-length documentary film “Rudolf Nureyev. Island of dreams” Evgenia Tirdatova. Shot it in Turkey and with the participation of the Turkish side. It was here from 1981 to 90 years many times came to our outstanding compatriot, dancer and choreographer known all over the world. He wanted to buy the Turkish island of his dreams. How to tell his family and friends, Nureyev missed his mother and his native culture. That’s it, and drew Turkey similar to native Bashkiria. Eugene Tirdatova found a unique and slightly shocking Amateur footage, made in Turkey friends of Nureyev.

“Cloth Union” Michael Masterkova participated in the program “the Midnight show”, which included only three paintings, including the South Korean vampire movie “Train to Busan,” which brought an unimaginable number of spectators at home. “Cloth Union”, which premiered a year ago at the Sochi Kinotavr, only half a year lives a rich festival life. And it was created long. The events of the film take place in the late 90s-early 2000s. His heroes are young boys, living the craziest life, to create a “Cloth Union” to turn the world upside down. Shooting, apparently, was crazy, too, shot even in the head of Peter I of Tsereteli. A touchstone for the Director-the debutant was the story of the artist Pavel Filonov, who wanted to paint a picture of such power that it stayed on the wall without a nail.

The same Turkish painting could simultaneously participate in international and national competitions. So it was with the film “Clair-obscur”, named as the song. He received the main award “Golden orange” and 50 thousand euros in the international competition. Presenting the award, Hugh Hudson stressed that the film is full of craftsmanship in every detail. Actress Ecem Uzun, who played one of the two main roles in this film dedicated to women’s issues, said two of the jury – international and national. Director Yesim Ustaoglu is also a woman. Her work is marked by the jury of the national contest in the nomination “the Best Director”.

Spanish painting “Open door” Marina Sarnecki made in the style of Almodovar, but without its former glory. The international jury noted her for best screenplay, written by Sarnecki. The audience awarded “the Open door” the prize of spectator sympathies. Her heroine is a seven year old Russian girl Luba that the neighbors called the Luba, Maluba. After the death of the unlucky Russian mother who died of an overdose (of the three words that she utters two unprintable), the child sneaks into the apartment of the hereditary prostitutes Mature years, fortunately the door is open. The eccentric mother of the suffering women, confined to a wheelchair, make friends with Anyone, I will say in defence of the child: “the Russian is preparing scrambled eggs!”. Luba’s brother Yuri was played by a young Spanish actor Emilio Palacios, knowledgeable in Russian, almost the only the word “please”. But a complete scumbag he played convincing. What we see Europeans, could only terrify and it’s not artistic and semantic stamp of a single author.

National competition jury was headed by Turkish film Director Kaplan Kaplanoglu, known for the films “Egg” and “Honey” marked “Golden bear” Berlinale. The jury looked 12 Turkish paintings, 8 of which are debuts. “The best film” was “the Blue bike” directed by Umit, Kecken on 13-lethem boy. In addition to “Gold orange” the film-makers received 100 thousand Turkish liras. Marked picture and best screenplay.


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