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Monday, March 19, 2018

The parliamentarians considered the defeat of Russia in the UNHRC as unbridled defamation

Russian parliamentarians considered the inclusion of Russia in the Council on human rights of the UN the result of geopolitical games and media defamation. Human rights activists, commenting on the decision of the UN General Assembly, was more reserved in the estimates. Anyway, the petition “the Syrian human rights” and Western NGOs have had an effect. How Russia should act in this situation?

“From Russia doing some kind of “universal evil”, trying to demonize and everything to try to isolate; the situation with the Council for human rights of the UN – one of the stages of this process”, – said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK Chairman of the state Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Leonid Kalashnikov, commenting on the defeat of Russia in the Council on human rights of the UN.

“From Russia doing some kind of “universal evil,” trying to demonize”

Earlier on Saturday, the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev said in comments TASS: “during the “election campaign” (the vote on the composition of the HRC, which was held yesterday at the UN General Assembly – approx. OPINION) our country has been a blatant and unbridled defamation. It is very bad and doesn’t do credit to the mechanism of elections, nor to those countries and organizations that such a defamation staged”.

Recall, Russia was not included in the UN Council for human rights received 112 votes. In the end two seats in the Council from the Eastern European group of States is Croatia, which received 114 votes in favor, and Hungary, voted for by 144 States.

As noted by the newspaper VIEW, just before the vote at the General Assembly, a group of human rights organizations opposed the re-election of Russia in the UNHRC.

At the insistence of “human rights”

In the signed 80th defenders of the petition, reads: “Moscow’s Actions in Syria are a clear contrast with its rhetoric of commitment to human rights”. Among the signatories – such international organisations as Human Rights Watch, Care International, as well as “several Syrian non-governmental organizations”.

As pointed out by the newspaper VIEW, “the Syrian non-governmental organizations”, usually based in London – apparently the first petition he wrote for the London Independent. Some “organizations” consist of one person, without access to relevant information – for example, the so-called Syrian Observatory for human rights is a private owner of a clothing store from Coventry, who left Syria in 2000, which could not confirm the truthfulness of the disseminated information.

Human Rights Watch – organization of the more famous and respectable than unnamed “Syrian non-governmental organizations”, but in its Russophobia there is no doubt for more than 20 years, when during the war in Chechnya HRW activists are directly supported terrorists. Care International is not as biased, although in the case of Syria, like other Western NGOs, the structure exclusively criticize Bashar al-Assad and allied forces, not paying attention to the real causes of what is happening in the country is a humanitarian disaster, as well as the “mistakes” of the Western coalition, striking at peaceful purposes.

“To explain, to prove, to fight for their rights”

According to the MP Kalashnikov, now in the West are outraged about what happened in Idlib (although the Russian side pointed out the fraudulent nature of the evidence “of the impact of the Russian or Syrian aviation school”). However, no one was outraged attack by American aircraft of the positions of Syrian government forces in Deir-ez-Zor, or an airstrike on a funeral ceremony in Iraq.

“The fact that Russia is turning into such a “Scarecrow”, and was brought to the fact that many countries believed it, – returns the MP Kalashnikov to the story of the failure of Russia in the UNHRC. But what we can do is to cry and leave? No, our job is to explain, to prove, to fight for their rights – and in this case, too.”

“The conscience of the opponents”

What made the army of Syria with the help of Russian troops (infographic), In turn, the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev said in comments TASS: the tragedy is that Russia has not passed in the UN Council on human rights, no, but there is a danger that the UNHRC will become a victim of geopolitical games

This approach to Russia, said the MP, will remain on the conscience of its opponents, “because right now, when there is a war in Syria and in several other countries in the region, the HRC is designed to retain its rightful place as a structure that equally represents the different viewpoints and approaches.”

“Will it have the HRC to complete the mission in the new line or will he be another victim of the geopolitical games – only time will tell”, he concluded.

Not the national team on human rights”

The Commissioner for human rights in Russia, Tatiana Moskalkova, commenting on the decision before the decision, said: “the situation with the non-election of Russia in the HRC UNPO me, first, is perceived as temporary, and, secondly, it can not affect the positive processes of strengthening the rights of man and citizen in the Russian Federation”.

The head of the Council on human rights under the President Mikhail Fedotov, expressed his regret, he noticed that the UNHRC “is not the national team of the world on human rights is not a collection of countries with the highest ratings for the respect for human rights”. This international Institute, which is designed on the lines of the United Nations to deal with the adoption of the universal nature of human rights in the world, he explained.

“This Institute is the norm of representation from different geographical areas, and it is not necessary that one and the same country were represented in this body. There is a rotation, and this is a normal situation. The fact that we have not received the required number of votes, sorry, of course, but it’s not a catastrophe,”– said Fedotov.

“It reflects one serious problem”

“It’s not a very nice signal. Some countries believe that Russia is not worthy to be in the UNHRC. This will not affect the ability of Russia to the UN. But this action reflects a very serious problem that the UN has faced, and, apparently, will face more and more,” – said in comments the newspaper VIEW head of the Council on foreign and defense policy, a political analyst Fyodor Lukyanov.

“The problem is the following: countries – UN members (not member of the UN security Council, and other participating countries) will be more and more dissatisfied with the fact that the great powers represented in the security Council, have privileges that they themselves have identified, and use these privileges in order to resolve issues, but in order to block them,” – said Lukyanov. According to the interlocutor, it applies to the United States, and Russia – all countries that veto. “The last time we see it regularly,” added Lukyanov.

“This gesture just shows the attitude to Russia as to one of the countries that are part of this privileged club, and which (as well as other countries in this privileged club), deals with the elucidation of relations, not to solve world problems. Unfortunately, such sentiments UN, in particular UN General Assembly, only increase, and this will be a problem,” says the source.


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