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Sunday, March 11, 2018

The tomb of Christ was opened with the “reasonable inquiry”

Specialists for the first time in many centuries removed a marble slab from the tomb of Jesus Christ in the Holy Sepulchre, located in Jerusalem. Christians believe that here was buried, and three days later resurrected Jesus Christ, the Central person in Christianity.

photo: youtube.com

The opening of the tomb was produced in the framework of works on restoration of the tombs carried out by scientists from the Athens national technical University under the guidance of Antonia Moropoulou. Also restoration by specialists of the us National geographic society and other scientific organizations. Consent for the work, gave representatives of all six directions of Christianity represented in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Scientists are convinced that they collected data will allow archaeologists and historians to answer many questions concerning the early history of Christianity and about the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in its present form.

Reportedly, the first surprise for the researchers was that the space under the marble slab covering the Sepulchre, was tightly Packed with stones.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre built on the site where St. Helen, mother of Roman Emperor Constantine I, according to legend, discovered the burial of Christ. It is believed that it happened once in the year 326 year she arrived in Jerusalem with the purpose of pilgrimage and the search for Christian relics. Scientists hope that the opening of the tomb would help them to answer the question of how the mother of the Emperor determined that Jesus Christ was buried here. Experts hope to restore the original appearance of the tomb.

According to scientists, before the tomb was last opened for almost half a Millennium ago in 1555. It was then — and possibly longer, the Sepulchre is covered with a slab of white marble, which experts removed. With this stove Christians linked the recent legend — when the Muslims wanted to take her for the decoration of the mosque, the plate is cracked across, and, according to legend, it stopped the Muslims.

The sepulchre is enclosed within the Edicule (from the Greek Κουβούκλιον and Latin Cubiculum, meaning “sleeping-room”) or aedicule (from the diminutive form of the Latin aedis house, temple, chapel). It was first built in the 325-335 in years, but in the early eleventh century was completely destroyed. In 1042-1048 years it again was rebuilt by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Monomakh, and then Edicule was updated by the crusaders XII century, rebuilt by the Franciscan Boniface Ragussis and destroyed by fire in 1808. In the years 1809-1810, the aedicule in its current form was restored according to the project of the Greek architect, Nicholas Comyn of Mytilene, the largest city on the island of Lesbos.

Recently in the Internet appeared the video from the event. However, under this video you can see mostly negative feedback — some people felt that such an unusual event the movie was interesting enough, and others have expressed dissatisfaction with the very fact of the opening of the tomb, and others, on the contrary, found that the subject attracted too much public attention. Anyway, in the future on the basis of already submitted and not yet published video is planned to make a documentary about the work of the experts.

As previously reported by the MC, in the Russian Orthodox Church to the opening of the tomb of Jesus Christ were understanding. Deputy Chairman of the Synodal missionary Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, hegumen Serapion (Mitko) said that the work of experts is an acceptable manifestation of human curiosity.

See photo essay on the topic:

In Jerusalem, opened the grave of Jesus Christ and found a lot of stones

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