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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The task of the future President of Moldova — like oligarchs, not the people

On Sunday Moldova will elect the President. For the first twenty years by popular vote. The last elections the participation of voters were held in the country in 1996. Since 2000 the head of state was chosen by the parliamentary cabal, and here again decided to trust the citizens . Justify whether the people of Moldova up to their expectations, come to the polls? And on whom their choice? Because it depends on not only the name of the new leader of the state, but the vector of development of the country.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

In March of this year the country’s constitutional Court made the decision to return to the previous norm of article 78 of the Basic law, claiming a nationwide election of the President. It was, perhaps, the only way out of the impasse into which drove the country at the beginning of the century. As for the appointment of the President required an absolute majority of the deputies, and Parliament divided into two opposing camps — evrointegratorov and “left” is always trying to find a consensus. As a result, in the country after the coup in 2009 is generally about three years, was not the legitimate President but only acting, successive, as in a kaleidoscope. Nicolae Timofti in March 2012 were able to elect by the incredible tricks and the result is a series of behind-the-scenes agreements. The second such multi-year marathon, the country could not withstand. The constitutional Court took the liberty to change the situation.

Residents of Moldova have to understand the pack of nine candidates. Although, in fact, a choice all the same. Evrointegratory, which include the leader of the Liberal party Mihai Ghimpu, President of the European people’s party of Moldova Iurie Leanca and former Minister of education Maia Sandu, called the single candidate from the three parties of the right wing.. “Left-wing” candidates are the head of the Party of socialists Igor Dodon and a member of Our Party, journalist Dmitry Chubashenko. Three independent candidates involved in the election process, rather, as a “side dish”. According to experts, the main struggle will unfold between Igor Dodon, whose electoral rating of about 40%, and Maia Sandu, for which ready to vote 24% of voters.

Igor Dodon, the recall called for the return of Moldova to the Russian sphere of interest. “I will restore broad friendly relations with Russia. I initiate the drafting and signing of the Agreement on strategic partnership with Russia, which will provide economic, social and political cooperation, a common approach in the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, guarantees for the Moldovan labor migrants in Russia”, — he promises voters. Maia Sandu is a graduate of the Harvard school of management named after John F. Kennedy, worked as an Advisor to the Executive Director of the world Bank. In Moldova, the Minister of education famous for stringent reforms of education. Call it candidate USA. And not to help her during the election, this “aura”. After all, even according to American sociologists, the protests in Moldova is so great that for a change the current government made about 70% of the respondents. Constant corruption scandals plaguing the country, pretty tired citizens. But can elections change this situation? Experts believe that the oligarchs will not give up the country and anyway the winners will come out of their protege. Here’s how described the situation “MK” Moldovan public figure, the leader of the movement “homeland — Eurasian Union” Hortulana:

– All the experts point out that the upcoming election is illegal. Since the decisions on the national election of the President should take the Moldovan Parliament, not constitutional Court. But, nevertheless, as this is the first direct election for twenty years, they are very popular among the population. But when they say that the country will choose between the European vector of development and a focus on Eurasian cooperation, we need to understand that this choice is false. In the European Union is not called and we were not welcome there. The majority of the population now wants the EEU, to improve relations with Russia. However, .there are doubts that elections will be fair. If the process is illegal, then rely on the honesty of the authorities is not necessary. Moldova is now the state captured by oligarchs. And with absolute certainty I can say that in one of the rooms of the famous hotel Nobilo, which is owned by the oligarch Plahotniuc, already know who will be President, regardless of how people vote. So, in my opinion, the upcoming election is a beauty contest for the best “girl” for the oligarch. It is absolutely a farce.


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