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Monday, March 19, 2018

The birthday of Komsomol: how saved the poet Voznesensky, and opened the theatre Spesivtseva

Everyone knows the word “Komsomolets” at least in the name of our newspaper, and some even remember the birthday of the Komsomol falls on October 29. But the modern young man is quite difficult to explain what the young Communist League and for which he was needed. We were asked to do it of the man who led this organization in the Brezhnev era, Boris PASTUKHOV and the famous writer Yuri POLYAKOV, which debuted in the restructuring as “Komsomolskaya writer.”

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

— The fact that the Komsomol had to engage all young people, is plus or minus organization?

— The obligation to join was not, it is a legend — meets Boris PASTUKHOV. But eager to Komsomol almost everything. Another thing is that the motives were different: some — heart, others career prospects. The Komsomol was given the opportunity to prove themselves in life. It is, as they say, gave the microphone: the voice of the Komsomolets were heard, at least at the meeting, his initiatives have at least been considered. But in the end from the Komsomol came out and presidents, and dissidents.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Today, when the Komsomol did not, — who hears the young people who helped her? It is thrown. Youth organizations in political parties seems to be there, but they are too politicized, much more than of the Komsomol, which was upbraiding. We tried to keep the young Communist League was interesting, but not “red”. Youth Agency and agencies are constantly changing names, structures, but in practice, just learn their budgets, it is not interested in: what about the young people that they are interested in?

In our country, in Sochi, will host the world youth festival. Well he was no less successful than in Moscow in 1985. But who it will be: what organization? I don’t know the answer to this question.

I was recently at a meeting on problems of development of the Far East. And one very wise man said, and as we will learn this region without a League? As we raise our trains volunteers without him? On virgin soil, some go for romance, others for awards, but went both on the Komsomol appeal.

The Komsomol had to argue with the government, had to seek the truth, to influence party policy?

When the Komsomol expedition of Dmitry Shparo went to the North pole, the main state ideologist Mikhail Suslov called me, the head of the Komsomol. And began to press: “They must be stopped. They have no weapons to protect themselves from polar bears. There hummocks collapsing on the coastal area. We can’t risk it guys. They are not professionals”. I said that to contact them is possible. But to return — is impossible. They have gone, then, come to that.

And after they played football on the North pole in my office broke poet Andrei Voznesensky, and began to ask on the plane, in a delegation that will fly to congratulate the guys. He was inspired by their feat. But not only that.

At that moment came the samizdat almanac “Metropol” in which were verses Voznesensky. First edition of twelve copies in Russia, then it was re-released in Paris. Been brewing a terrible storm. We Voznesensky was a friend of composer Mikael Tariverdiev. He advised the ascension run in the League, to me: “They will put you on a plane you’ll fly, at least you won’t be here when “debriefing “Metropol”.

I put the ascension on the plane, he wrote good poems about scouts-explorers. Them from afar, the repression of the poet has not happened, Suslov calmed down. By the way, I recently learned from a retired Admiral, then captain of the submarine that his boat was sent to the North pole to pick up our “self-styled” Komsomol polar, if they will tolerate distress. Then I didn’t know that.

Now we have volunteering, but there is no single organization that would have sent the heroic aspirations of young people. Not so long ago at one of the meetings in the presidential Administration, which discussed a letter to the head of state with a proposal to recreate the Komsomol, I personally said that this is unrealistic. But then I suggested that we might be able to create a single youth organization at least for students. A decree on the establishment of such an organization is already signed. But the students somehow don’t know anything about the existence of such an organization.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

— For the young writer or artist the opportunity to Express themselves was only through the Komsomol. Creative unions in themselves did not help anyone, but could connect to the Komsomol efforts — said the “MK” Yuri POLYAKOV. Youth theatres, book series, exhibitions, the debut work of film Directors emerged through the Komsomol. The film “state of emergency of regional scale” in one of my novels was in charge of the Komsomol, its adviser was Secretary of the Komsomol Sergey Rogozhin. During the period of my youth, the Komsomol was not any control and restrictive organization, and one that helps to advance and realize the young. I was a “victim” of this Komsomol work and very grateful. By Komsomol I went to meetings where my work began to notice and recommend the publication of books. Komsomol accelerated entry into the professional work of many artists, who today are well known. Krasnopresnensky district Committee, which was then headed by Pavel Gusev, is one of the founders of the Moscow youth theatre of Vyacheslav Spesivtsev. The young Communist League promoted. Can boast of having as an instructor at the Bauman district Committee I helped the young actor of “Sovremennik” theatre Konstantin Raikin to write his acclaimed sharp statement in support of young ambitious talents.


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