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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Russia out of isolation: Valentina Matvienko has won two diplomatic victories

It happened almost incredible. In the period of sanctions and autumn aggravation of political struggle, including the West Russia, Saint-Petersburg was approved as the venue for the 137th Assembly of the Interparliamentary Union. This decision was taken by the Council of the Union. And the Eurasian women’s forum, which took Peter in the recent past, turned into a permanent Commission.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

In that Assembly the inter-Parliamentary Union will be held in Russia, many people did not believe. Before the vote, Ukraine opposed the holding of this landmark event in St. Petersburg in connection with the position of Russia in Donbass and Syria. But the role played by the diplomatic gift of Valentina Matvienko. By the way, the continuation of the merits of a diplomat is a media flaw is: how brightly she says in private talks — so sparingly and fresh, speaks at the press approaches. Here and now in front of everyone she said just about the following: “it is Very important that 137-I Assembly of the inter-Parliamentary Union will be held in Russia. This suggests that our country is not isolated, it is a complete defeat of the confrontational policy.” And the arguments that Matvienko has resulted in backroom meetings, as always behind the scenes. We see only the result : “for” Russia as the host of the Assembly voted 138 the Board members, against just 19, and the final decision was greeted with applause.

“Russia, Saint-Petersburg is ready to accept representatives of all 170 countries of the inter-Parliamentary Union and inter-parliamentary organizations 11. We will offer constructive, free from politicking agenda aimed at unification and not separation of parliaments and parliamentarians,” he said in response to the applause of the speaker of the Russian Council of the Federation.

Almost immediately after that, except for the flights from Geneva to Moscow, Valentina Matvienko held a presentation of the project working group of the Eurasian women’s forum on women’s entrepreneurship. According to her, the first Eurasian women’s forum held in the Northern capital, was not a one-time action, and rallied the female public, stimulated the widespread inclusion of women in international cooperation in the solution of actual problems.

“Initiative working group created at the end of the Forum, has done a great job. Among the activities, of course, one of the most important is to contribute to the development of women’s entrepreneurship. On our site you need to think about additional measures that can promote women’s self-employment and to ensure conditions for their business activities. Support strong, practical women who stand at the helm of own business should be diverse.”

So decisive a practical woman, Valentina Matvienko, Russia has returned to the status of the capitals of inter-parliamentary communication, and brought together the entrepreneurs of the world around Russia. I would like to following the victories of the parliamentary diplomacy was followed by similar good luck on the level of formal diplomatic structures.


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