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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Roman Viktyuk opened secret places of the theatre

Today Roman Viktyuk celebrates anniversary — eight dozen. Two of them are waiting for the gift, to which not lost hope till the last. Here’s what happened today on the Host of the Melnikov House in 1923 built his theatre will open its doors to the public, and the artist himself celebrates its anniversary. Of course, the premiere, as he had been for many years. The day before I talked with Roman Grigorievich.

photo: Archive MK

— Roman, this is the most expensive gift you received in your life?

— Of course, Yes. Because only in dreams can be such heavenly gifts. They need to be earned, they need incredible patience to wait. And when this gift is obvious, you should just come and quietly sit down, shut up and think about the Supreme. And that’s all.

— That is to sit down, shut up — and play, the noisy greetings?

— To be sure! Because in the twenty years that we were waiting for repairs, and then it ends, we produced 19 performances, and these performances we are now going to play on the Playground. And a new show. Because for my birthday I’m sure throughout the years of doing new work. This time it’s the latest and the great play by Tennessee Williams… Oh, Oh! “Suddenly last summer”.

— Are you happy with your new Home? It’s all in the way you wanted?

— Everything, how great would the Miller. As soon as the building at the beginning of last century appeared, it was so disfigured, were made to the house of Light has lost its purpose. We opened all the Windows from all sides — the sun the whole day shines through you inside the house. And whoever gets there, can not feel. And it is better to go if you have the remains of envy, evil and just bad. Melnikov for this building and created.

— His house at Stromynka after all, was conceived as a house of Light?

— The only way, otherwise no.

— Your office, your place in the sunlight, you on what basis were they chosen?

— This is the place where, as he thought millers should be continuous open space, and a balcony, and Moscow, and co-co-l-Ni-Ki! It is a big room, but I decided that all the walls in my office should be furnished with books. Light books needs to coincide with his idea of open space.

— Why did you take last play of Williams, who turned not to the light, and plunges into the depths of the human psyche, the inner darkness?

— No, not so — he explores human imperfections. It was his last and farewell piece. He never achieved that in America put it the way he wanted. The Creator is the main character. The Creator of Ryo-Chan to death! This is it for me.

But still, about the death of the Creator, especially in anniversary other Creator as something not very desirable. You are not afraid of analogies?

— I’m not afraid, because life itself these analogies, whether we want or don’t want it pre-La-ha-em. That is my answer. Well, what else can be different.

— Roman, you have two of the title — people’s artist of Russia and people’s artist of Ukraine. You come from the city, tightly connected with Ukraine — there are many of your performances. Your attitude to what is happening between our countries?

— I can tell you what happened yesterday. Congratulate me happy birthday Ada Rogovtseva, my heavenly sister, when called, started to speak, then paused, cried… Wanted to talk again… crying. And I was silent. In this congratulations for con-Chee-Lis. This is the best that I could say what is our hope, in our pain, in our ve-RA.

You know what I noticed: the title of your first performances sound today very actually as Providence. The first performance in Lviv — “not so simple” and the second “City without love”. Roman, are you a seer?

Is in Lviv was the first performances. And then there was Vampilov (I did the first set), then Roshchin, Petrushevskaya, that is, o Lord my God! So what about the Providence — one hundred percent true. I am the seer. And the fact that we so patiently waited for the end of the repair, in its implementation it was impossible to believe. And when the mayor Sobyanin came to our building, we went to the balcony, and I said to him: “Well, you have now entered eternity.” — “No, you went into eternity.” And I said, “No, we’re together.” He paused and said, “No, you”. And I said Yes. It’s true: he saw this beauty, and it does not feel impossible. Here you will come (you waiting today?) and you’ll see. I’ll guide you and show you the most interesting sights.

— Do you like secrets — know it all. Sometimes even create them. What mysterious places Roman Viktyuk found in the House of Melnikova?

The first mystery on stage: there is an iron stairway to heaven, literally. The second — the same stairs in the auditorium. We need to find her, and she also leads into the sky. And the architect wanted to last floor was the ground for takeoff into the sky. He believed it and prepared for the stairs. We work for them, because you can not deviate from this mystical direction of his thoughts. I’m waiting for you. I love you. Only in this fusion of souls is our strength.


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