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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Putin, talking about courage with the farmer refused to watch scary photo

Unusual holiday celebrated on Friday at his Sochi residence “Bocharov a stream” Vladimir Putin. Day of the rice harvest is celebrated in Russia only in the Krasnodar region, as in our other regions, this heat-loving culture is not growing. For the President and his guests covered the original table: everything from chocolates to cake was made from rice, and apples, too, was stuffed.

One of the farmers are stumped by the question of the President about courage, and Putin himself scared watching scary photos.

photo: kremlin.ru

Kuban rice farmers came to the President not with empty hands: this year they gathered a record harvest of over 1 million tons.

On a global scale is, of course, not God knows what achievement. In China, for example, collected almost 200 million tons of rice, in India, 120 million in the US – 10. But for Russia with its harsh climate, the current results of rice farmers draw on the historical record. “Have something to celebrate! The harvest of rice in our country over the last 20 years has increased in 2.5 times!”, – rejoiced with farmers Vladimir Putin. He noted that the high performance demonstrated not only rice farmers, but other farmers. This year Russia came in first place in the world in wheat exports.

This result shows that Russia is able to solve the most complicated and unsolvable questions! – said in his speech to the Patriotic notes of the President – the Potential we have is enormous. And we have not yet said the last word. Much more can be done to demonstrate the diligence of the Russian people!

Journalists, meanwhile, with interest looked at the table, which the waiters covered for Vladimir Putin and his guests: it all, except tea, were out of rice. Rice candy, rice cakes, rice cake and carrots and even baked apples, stuffed with rice. It was not, perhaps, only soju.

photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin wanted to know what the rice growers achieved their highest results. Primarily through the support of the local authorities told him.

– In administration of the region introduced the position on interaction with farmers. So no we have no problems. And the people this attitude feels, goes to work as a holiday! By five in the morning – no questions – patter uttered by the head of the peasant farm Roman Kovalev.

– You are a brave man? – suddenly interrupted Putin.


– I ask, are you a brave man? – repeated the President, and without waiting for an answer, he continued, – imagine that we are sitting together, no one else. Tell me: what are you missing?

– Uh, – thought shot down with a learned landowner records, All we have. The fuel is water there, – he muttered distractedly, obviously trying to find a problem not related to the competence of local authorities. And finally, remembered.

The percent said to reduce! – beamed a radiant smile Roman Kovalev. As it turned out, his farm was credited on four banks, and the minimum rate is 18% per annum. “Next year promises to 14%, but I don’t know …” suddenly he became sad.

The Governor of the Krasnodar territory, in turn, decided to praise Vladimir Putin. Thanks to the intervention of the President of the rice farmers gave 10 thousand hectares of rice systems, which for many years was not used as intended. This has also helped to increase yield. “The old people came and were crying, seeing the overgrown fields. I want to show you the scary pictures?”, suggested Veniamin Kondratiev.

I don’t need graphic photographs – hastily refused the President.

A representative of the rice Institute were quick to tell us that science is also not standing still: new land will be seeded high-yielding promising varieties that previously Russia had not grown. Moreover, the excess will be exported to Syria, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

– A pilaf of rice our can be done? – revived by the President, whose pies and other sweets, apparently, was not impressed.

– From our rice all you can do! assured breeder.

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