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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Putin has made Hillary Clinton an interesting offer

Putin said it is not heard. Many Russian experts have unanimously assessed the performance of the Russian President to the Valdai discussion club as “an unusually Frank and even somewhat sensational”. Maybe it is, do not argue. Usually “old scout” Putin is not inclined to disclose sensitive details of their talks with Obama, Poroshenko, Merkel and other world leaders.

photo: kremlin.ru

But the Western media with the thesis of the “sensationalism” of the Valdai speech of GDP to argue, it seems, ready. Prepared and successfully do it with the help of this technique, as complete ignore and silence.

Putin can hardly be called a politician, which is not discussed in the West. But the impression is that in Sochi, the Russian leader spoke into the void. However, we will not pre-ticked. “Emptiness” Putin will answer. And it will happen in the horizon of several months — maybe even before the end of the year. And it is exactly in January-February.

In the course of its discussions with participants in the Valdai forum, GDP among other things said: “the so-called favorites or no favorites in the election campaign in the United States… We don’t know how to behave like any of the candidates who will achieve victory. We don’t know how to behave like Mr. trump. We don’t know how to behave like Mrs. Clinton if she is elected, there will be executed that is not executed. So for us it is by and large indifferent.”

So do you really care about, Mr Putin? In the power of the hypocritical rules of diplomatic politeness, President of the Russian Federation is obliged to say something similar. But everything, including in the first place of Putin, I understand that it is not so. In America, the coming change of political eras. And one of the areas where this change will be felt most keenly and vividly, will be relations between Moscow and Washington.

I recently read an excellent book by the famous American journalist Mark Landler “Alter ego: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and twilight struggle American power.” As a correspondent of the newspaper “new York times” mark Landler many years accompanied Barack Obama during his foreign visits and heard from the President the following sentence: “I can sum up the essence of my foreign policy in one sentence: don’t do anything stupid” (in the original Obama used stronger slang expression: “don’t do stupid shit”).

And here is how, according to Mark Landler, Obama explained what is behind this phrase: “America’s Problems do not stem from the fact that she makes too little, and that she does too much. The cause of these problems in the overexertion of forces, not of inactivity. The greatest catastrophe in the history of the country was the result of reckless military adventures like Vietnam or Iraq. The key to smart foreign policy is to avoid italiane in conflicts in places where not directly affected American national interests — for example, in Syria or in Ukraine.”

As he writes in his book mark Landler, foreign policy philosophy, Hillary Clinton is the opposite of the foreign policy philosophy of Barack Obama. Hillary believes that America “goes out of his way, trying to do too much.” Hillary is convinced that under Obama America has acted in international Affairs overly passive. Convinced and going this situation to change.

You already feel distinctly smells of fried? To us it seemed that in the last three years America has acted against Russia emphasized aggressive. But as it turns out, from the point of view of the most likely next President of the United States, the pressure on our country should be increased — and increased significantly. The current situation in relations between Moscow and Washington, I think, can be compared to 1981 — a time when relatively passive “anti-Soviet” Jimmy Carter on a post of the President of the United States changed active hawk Ronald Reagan.

As I recently wrote, the Kremlin clearly understand the nature of the impending change. In the last months of President Obama’s term Moscow deliberately went to the aggravation of its relations with the West. At the thought of the Russian strategists, Hillary at the time of its inauguration should not be possible to further raise the stakes in the confrontation with Moscow. Like, if the gas pedal and so on until the limit is down to the floor, the driver has only one option — press on the brake.

Putin’s speech at the Valdai forum was, I think, is another facet of the above-described deliberate strategy. Showing its rigidity in business — breaking nuclear deal with America, the build-up of Russian involvement in the Syrian war, Putin now shows if not soft, certainly moderation in words. The future US President sends, I think, about the signal: we understand that you do not like us and never will. But we very much hope that your pragmatism. You decide what will be our relationship. We are ready for any options.

And that Putin is ready for any options is not only theoretical. At the Valdai forum GDP, he said that Russia is ready to expand the channel format for the conflict settlement in Ukraine by the inclusion of this format in the USA. At first glance this idea is not very different from the kind offers Fox welcome to the coop where she can’t wait, mouth-watering cocks. Clearly, in Clinton Washington will take even more radical Pro-Kiev position than he occupied under Obama.

But the inclusion in the format means more binding agreements reached within that format. Putin wants to redirect the destructive energy Clinton in a positive direction, to get her to play the role of the destroyer, and Creator. Don’t know what will ultimately come of this venture. But in this case the game is clearly worth it — unlike, by the way, from Putin’s statements at the Valdai club about the “obsolescence” of NATO.

NATO members themselves are convinced that the Alliance is not a “vestige of a bygone era”, and organization that is very much needed here and now. And nothing Russia with the conviction to not do anything. We have given NATO everything they could and what is clearly not wanted: gave the Alliance a new-old purpose in life.

But let’s not quibble over details. The main thing is that at the Valdai forum, Vladimir Putin, in fact, did Hillary Clinton interesting proposal. And in this respect, the lack of Western reaction to the speech, GDP in Sochi may even seem quite natural. Hillary’s not yet the President. To give a particular response to Putin, it is only later — at a time when she will have at least the rank of the elected President. In other words, let’s wait, ladies and gentlemen! Vladimir Putin will answer. It remains to understand what it is.

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