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Friday, March 16, 2018

Intellectuals on the budget: “it’s Raikin” between personal liberty and government

Intellectuals woke up from the dream. Finally! The process has begun. Yes, start rebuilding itself.

Wonderful, amazing Konstantin Raikin for a long time. Somehow, even indirectly (not directly, no) participated in campaigning for the power of the Kremlin in the elections. Successful theatre, sold-out performances and high creativity.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Konstantin Raikin

Favorite poem of Konstantin A. Pushkin “From Pindemonte”:

And a little grief to me freely print
fools boobies, Il sensitive censorship
The magazine designs restrict Joker.
All of this, you see, words, words, words
Additional, best, rights are dear to me;
Other, better, needs me freedom:
Depend on the king depend on people —
Do we care?

Raikin lived in accordance with the canonical classics. All but nailed the weight to the floor reached. I can not be silent!

It doesn’t matter why one of the best actors and Directors of the country opposed hostsentry and Orthodox activists in the anniversary of his father Arkady Isaakovich, “the great satirist”, as mentioned in the “Caucasian captive”. Raikin the son was clearly very serious. I don’t care if it was a purely personal occasion associated with his “Satyricon”. It is not important. People suffered, said what everyone knew but was afraid to say.

Raikin said, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. Too seriously. And for a long time? According to Peskov, the censorship we have, of course, forbidden, but… who the girl has supper, that and dances it. The girl is the creative intelligentsia, if you do not understand. For a long time already not innocent.

Peskov said another representative of the glorious profession of directing Andrey Zvyagintsev. Here already there is nothing surprising. If you look at it “Elena” (one of the best movies in the history of Russian cinema), or “Leviathan” (in my opinion, not the best, fairly flat, similar to political agitation), you will understand that Zvyagintsev just not silent never. Just before he thought, perhaps, that it is enough to look at his picture, and without words. However, for those who do not understand, we have to clearly speak…

What is the state? I, you, he, she… Do we all have one common opinion about what movie we want to see which performances, exhibitions, concerts… the Russian people is composed of individuals (I hope!). It’s not curd. Because the state will represent all of us in the works? To specify the Creator on behalf of us, and how to remove. Really only he knows what is good for us and what is harmful, disgusting? Because the government is us.

Once bright memory press Minister Mikhail Lesin said that the state should be one newspaper, one TV station… That’s enough! The newspaper there, “Russian”, OK. With TV channels there was overkill, now they are all public.

But the state taking control of the box, it seemed, and it is limited. Because with a box it is possible to solve large problems! On the television there was strict censorship (and let him throw a stone at me one who will say that it is not). But the rest of the arts were free. Cinema, theatre, literature, painting — do what you must and let be what will be. Freedom, would be money.

But the crisis, brothers, crisis! Crept unnoticed. There are sanctions and other troubles. No money but you’d hang on. To live became worse, life has become sadder. And the state (the main oligarch) fuss. I understand that you need to hold the reins. To use ideology (which first need to be still and create!) for the full program. The government once again remembered how it really was in the USSR. And here is the intellectuals not get away.

With whom you, masters of culture? Silent master, in addition to individuals. They’re on a budget, they also have no money. And ready to dance, to have dinner with whoever wants.

The revolt of the intellectuals is a dangerous thing. But an intellectual can be called only those who are not afraid to say what he thinks, feels. Tea, not for myself trying a true intellectual of his people. And it hurts him more, and to make it maybe better.

The eternal dilemma between personal liberty and government, an instrument of violence. Between decay and order. Here is how to build such a state, for whom freedom and would order. Do not get us in any way. Either / or, as said now all the famous philosopher Kierkegaard.

The government gives money to creators and demands nothing for it. Let remove, put, write, draw whatever you want. After all, only the free creativity gives the state the power…

I think I was dreaming. In my opinion, is a utopia. For your and our freedom, for our lost cause! None of this would not expect. Arrived, next station “1937”. Ivan the terrible to help us.

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