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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

In Belgrade fanned the scandal surrounding the mythical “hand of Moscow”

The Belgrade press scandal, saying that the group of Russians deported from Serbia for alleged preparation of a terrorist attack either, whether the coup in neighboring Montenegro. Moscow after the Belgrade denied this fiction. However, the media is already associated with a fictional incident even visit to Belgrade of Russian security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.

The Russian foreign Ministry called “an absolute fabrication” scandalous information the Belgrade media about the deportation from Serbia of a group of Russians suspected of preparing terrorist attacks.

“Unfortunately, the Serbian authorities became a tool for one of the planned attacks on our country”

“With regard to some of the Balkan media and the newspaper “Kommersant” about the alleged deportation of Russian citizens from Serbia, otherwise as an absolute fiction, this is not stated on Friday evening the Department of information and press of the foreign Ministry. – Regret that is not the first time journalists do not pay sufficient attention to verify the reliability of sources of information, becoming in fact a weapon of the information war in the hands of politicians”.

The Department recommends that you pay attention to the voiced on the eve of the comment of the Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic in which the publication described as “absolute disinformation”.

The trip of the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev in Belgrade, it was planned, the preparations for it began a few months ago, such events require serious, long-term study, said on Smolensk square. Informed Belgrade newspaper was given to understand that the purpose of the visit was to discuss the incident and to prevent the deterioration of relations between the two countries.

The Kremlin knows nothing about the situation with the alleged detention in Serbia, said on Friday afternoon, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. At the visit of Patrushev Sands said: “Given the special nature of our relations with the Serbs, of course, quite normal that there are such exchanges of visits. Of course, mainly discussed bilateral relations and the situation in the region.”

The head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Serbia nebojša stefanović also explained that the visit was agreed a few months ago. “What we spoke, is standard negotiations. We talked about the fight against terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking,” – quoted Minister RIA “Novosti”.

During his visit, Patrushev, in addition to Stefanovich, was received by President Tomislav Nikolic, foreign Minister Ivica Dacic and Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic. Discussed coordination of activities in the international arena and economic cooperation. Recall that Serbia refuses to impose sanctions against Russia. Belgrade stressed that he is interested in joining the European Union, but not going to do it at the price of worsening relations with Moscow.

“She defended the right to control their future”

We will remind, in Montenegro, on 16 October, parliamentary elections were held. The newspaper LOOK told how the election day was dispersed by anti-NATO and purely peaceful “Maidan”. The same day authorities announced the arrest of 20 citizens of Serbia on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack and a coup. According to prosecutors, during the announcement of the voting results, the group planned to attack the audience in front of the Assembly of citizens and police to occupy the building with the aim “to proclaim the victory of one political parties” as well as “to deprive of freedom the Prime Minister of Montenegro.” The leader of the organization, allegedly, was former chief of the gendarmerie of Serbia, Bratislav (Bato) Dikic.

17 October, Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic, who heads the Democratic party of socialists (DPS), proclaimed the victory of his party in the elections. “We defended their country, and the right to control their future”, he said, confirming previously announced a bid to join the EU and NATO.

A week later, Vucic said that the security service of Serbia detained a number of individuals who organized the surveillance of his Montenegrin counterpart, and those arrested worked together with foreigners, said of the Serbian leader. According to Vucic, the detainees found a large sum (125 thousand euros), uniforms and other items. By the way, when the Serbian press has accused Russia of provoking unrest in Podgorica.

A scandal on the order of Podgorica

“Most likely, the Serbian media could publish this “duck” for the Montenegrin money-order-Podgorica”, says working in Montenegro, a journalist and political activist Konstantin Knarik. He recalls that the alleged suspicion of organizing terrorist acts on the eve and on election day was conducted a number of searches and detentions. “As a result, the regime of Djukanovic was virtually a carte Blanche for repression. The real level of support the ruling party after the announcement of the policy of joining NATO was the lowest for all time of his reign,” said Knarik the newspaper VIEW.

Vadim Samodurov, a former consultant of the President of Serbia, Nikolic said that this is not the first case of anti-Russian hysteria in the Balkans. As recalled by the expert newspaper VIEW, two years ago in Serbia with coverage in the Western media was blown out of proportion scandal – allegedly arrested by the Russian lobbyists, podkapova Serbian officials to address issues in favor of Russia.

“This scandal is covered in all Serbian tabloids, but in reality it wasn’t like that. He was part of a campaign that is associated exclusively with internal purge of officials, which may have lit some of the citizens of Russia, possibly having assets in Serbia. But then the whole anti-Russian hysteria is gone, the scandal turned out to be a bust,” – said the analyst.

According to Samodurov, the current government is too attached to the officials of the European Union and therefore arrange the anti-Russian demarches: “unfortunately or fortunately, the Balkans are not included in our geopolitical interests.”

“Find Russian trace” if you want to easily

Tyrants also notes that accusations of interference by Russian citizens in the political life of Montenegro is also not new, even last year in Podgorica said that Moscow allegedly preparing a “orange revolution” to prevent the accession of Montenegro to NATO.

“No compelling evidence the public has not been shown. Any facts of participation of Russian citizens, especially professionals, political strategists in the organization of protests have not been confirmed. I am sure that this event will also be the same wave of hysteria information”, – he explained. The expert believes that the Serbian authorities too, “unfortunately became a tool for one of the planned attacks on our country.”

Samodurov said that if you want “hand of Moscow” can be tied to any event in the region. “There are large numbers of Russian citizens, having property there, and Russian tourists – a major source of income in Montenegro. Find Russian there the trail is not difficult,” – said the expert.

“In fact, Moscow is not pursuing an active policy in the region. Now, unfortunately or fortunately, the Balkans are not included in our geopolitical interests. All the talk about the military base of the Russian Federation in the Montenegrin Bar are conversations” – said the analyst. “The scheme, which is presented to us, some Newspapers, too transparent: Patrushev arrived in Serbia to settle the matter with the Russians, accused of organizing riots in Montenegro. Too somehow it is obvious for the “big game,” he said.

According to Samodurov, the Republic and so a very strong anti-NATO and Pro-Russian sentiment. “There is no external pressure to organize protests in this country don’t even need,” he concluded.


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