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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Generals of the underworld

It was a moment of relief. Kudrin announced that Russia will soon peel off the oil needle and non-primary manufacturing would prevail over raw. It will happen just after 10-12 years. Difficult to contain the surge of optimism! It’s a pity not all will be able to verify the validity of this prediction.

At the same time, another prominent politician, Zhirinovsky, called for fines to punish meteorologists, giving incorrect predictions. Whether or not to challenge the timeliness of this initiative necessary? Due to incorrect weather forecasts yields are declining, are suffering huge losses in the airline industry and production of umbrellas and waterproof shoes.

As, however, to connect two initiatives — Kudrinskaya and Zhirinovsky? If Kudrin’s predictions suddenly come true (although I do not believe the specialist there is no reason — within ten years we will finally overime). Isn’t it better and Vladimir Zhirinovsky to postpone their wishes, too, for 10-12 years? After all, the penalty for an incorrect economic forecast needs in the tens, hundreds, thousands of times higher than the penalty for misinformation in the weather field. I am very concerned about: will there be enough Kudrin funds to cover such costs? We’re humanitarians and have to take care of our lookouts thinkers.

Me parses a long time desire of becoming a soothsayer, and one that does not liable for their one word. For example to utter: “Sanctions against Russia will be removed when more expensive oil.” That is, never. But this second part of the prophecy I would not say, leaving the opportunity to the commentators (which are always a dime a dozen) blow: “the biggest judge is convinced that the lifting of sanctions will occur by the end of this year! At least in the beginning of the future.”


Tired tipologia. Posters (and flyers that bring in mailboxes): “the Fate of the Amur tigers is in our hands!”. That is my? Or in someone? Whose is “our”? What do I want? And that depends on me? To make a contribution? And where will the money? For the publication of leaflets?

That generally managed to protect and preserve? Feed with explosives, polar bears and laughing when she detonated in their mouths, play football with baby seals and published breathtaking photos of these matches, poison fish, taking poisons into the rivers. Hard to believe that the tiger, if people do not put in a penny, would be exempt.

Apocalypse now or what?

I could not grasp, why the TV channels vying to scare the audience with forecasts of a very different, joyless properties near whom punitive action against the weathermen turn pale, namely, do nakikialam future natural disasters: global warming, the new ice age (the latest know-how in this field: one half of the globe approved burning heat, the other will freeze). Suddenly it dawned on me (which testifies to the hopeless lethargy of my mind): after painted apocalyptic pictures of natural disasters, Ebola and swine plague are not so essential things like rising prices and appreciation rates, depressing the fading medicine and education.


Successive horror as an infinite series. Frames which are interspersed with bursts of other, fun of the series under the conditional title “Grabbers”.

This series is also terribly monotonous, despite some bright scenes. For example: in the bins average on a scale of social status of the person (modest, of course, the salary) was found to be 9 billion.

You forgot about what and whom we are. And not to forget, if the top naplastovany new discovery — already from others, and revelations — have other grabbers.

But still, this Colonel are different from them. His wife said that he, like Robin hood, ready to give their last hard-earned savings to the poor.

A different opinion about it freaks spy conspiracy theorists. According to them, he is the Keeper of revolutionary drop (almost like Lenin received money from Germany). There is a political conspiracy to overthrow the existing regime in Russia and the dispensation of the Moscow Maidan! Overlooked! I miss the bus! While fishing small foreign agents and deprived of their meager welfare coming from abroad, missed the big fish and big money!

Alas, ad nauseam primitive made public opinion insights: if a Colonel in the billions — what amount has accumulated the generals?! And hierarchically equal to their civilian bosses?!

A striking poverty of imagination and poverty of the subjects of “the poor” — in the literal and figurative sense of the word! Surprised that the miserable and trivial all these stories repeating does and Troas, someone else is. Because the plots of these one-day butterfly. Flashed on television screens and in Newspapers — and forgotten. Sunk. Gave place to a new one. Similar. Castracani-they are on a single block: the police, designed to fight corruption, stole billions, the Governor put on a high post, I carefully spent the people’s money, collects diamonds inlaid samoriski. However, the General revival in these ad nauseam the monotonous occasions still continues, it is an enthusiastic and envious or condemning Nazarovo.

Are regular newsmakers to do? (And “art” television series of the same stamps: pursuit of money and dirty financial background.) Become boring, uninteresting! Same tricks, antics, methods, results. Well, have indulged would have something wet on fun — for example altruism or sincere strong positive feeling…


Tells the story of a spectacular blockbuster. The action hero is ready to single-handedly replace the whole government. He’s not bragging and not kidding. What are they there for work? Dust-free! Know raise tariffs for gas and water, OBDII population, collecting money for the repair, which is not expected and never will be — why to patch to be restored home, that was all a load of ministries if to clear it from the decorative frills-frills like pseudostationary, simulation of the banking bustle (lists of bankers fled with the stolen money even to look through tired), sports squabbles and pedagogical innovations, it is clear: teachers should not pedagogy, and to do business.

By the way, immediately after this creative vanity statements came the scandal in an elite school, and many have finally realized the mess in schools, ministries and agencies are not separate isolated process, it is cut and characteristic of our common life. It is impossible (we have seen) to build communism in one particular state, you cannot build Paradise in the national team if athletes take the drugs in the team underground.

My hero is still waiting in the queue to start blockbuster (for his actions, I am sure, will be with bated breath to watch millions of viewers) would ask: is this really a difficult decision in order to preserve the pigs to exterminate all wild boars? These solutions can be churning out thousands every day in shooting foxes, not to steal chickens, get rid of the enemies of the people, so as not to interfere to build a brighter tomorrow.

My hero will rise to the point that dare to give an assessment made not the last person in the government for many years of his selfless work. The movement of summer and winter time shooter? Cancelled. “Lost trust” in Luzhkov was awarded the order (that is rehabilitated?). Potemkin SKOLKOVO has become a Mecca embezzlement of money. And yet (it was!) the leader lost his Duma mandate of the great trendsetter of Spring, when she was not elected by the people. This, of course, a real gentlemanly thing, trump is not capable of that against Hillary, and we have the generosity is flowing from all the cracks, so have now a whole package of innovative proposals for the perpetuation of spoken information.

By the way, my character ready to replace alone the entire government, itching to make an addition still in the project, pochestyami legislation to take more decisive steps against potential enemies of the Fatherland. Why during check-in (in airports) departing passengers are thoroughly searched and asked to show the passport, and on arrival released freely, without demanding any documents and did not prospecive Luggage? Suddenly in flight they managed to get explosives — and they will produce terrorist attacks in the cities, where profits? An additional inspection will give, firstly, an additional guarantee of security. And secondly, will increase the number of jobs and number of employed in useful labor of the citizens.

The apotheosis of the innovations of my hero will be the distribution of pensioners promised five thousand. He will not thumb their address (Yes, making an exception for not living in Russia), and will announce a free contest and dropped the bills from a helicopter over the red square to old men and old women won money in a fight with the young unemployed generation; it should be an exciting fight, able to excite even indifferent. While 9 billion (and the amount is not round) is just another platitude, a commonplace story, bored everyday, a fight over 5 thousand genuine dramatic novelty.

Who’s bigger and longer?

Demoralized country… Accustomed for centuries to the endless tyranny. How to turn the language of our politkomiteta to say that Americans are tired of choose the lesser of two evils (trump and Clinton) that both candidates in US presidents — failure, worthless, worthless! Who are they (the commentators) cram it, and cram? For those who have no choice? However, his absence is compensated by the fact that our only leader unsurpassed in all respects, so that really is not necessary. Anyway: if something is not in the country (e.g. choice), then this lack should not be.

The rulers, meanwhile, compete and set records. Brezhnev stayed in power for 17 years. And Stalin — less? And Lenin did with gulkin nose. Block their weak achievements! Then let someone try to beat my record.

A time-limit of 4 or 8 years — pathetic. Human possibilities are unlimited. And they should not artificially understate and hobble.

Brezhnev smarter than Reagan, Carter, Bush (not to mention younger)? It turns out — much smarter. Almost all of them put together he surpassed and sat on the throne much longer than each of them individually and almost as much as all of them together.

United States during this period went through several eras, and stages of development. Made mistakes, corrected them… We steadfastly adhered to the selected time and for all of course. “Lenin’s course” — I think the so-called multi-volume collection of speeches of Leonid Brezhnev.

Where come from?


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