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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Experts explain why Putin called inappropriate resumption of air strikes on Aleppo

Russian President Vladimir Putin called inappropriate resumption of air strikes in Aleppo, Syria. Despite the fact that the leader of the country asking about the beginning of air strikes on the Eastern part of the city appealed to the Russian military, he chose to extend the humanitarian pause, during which will be possible withdrawal of the wounded. However, during “calm” the city can leave the militants and the us military will have the opportunity to fulfill the promise mission: to delimit the moderate opposition and militant groups. Which means this solution and how it can affect the situation in Syria, “MK” asked the leading military experts and political analysts.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, who in a meeting with journalists in Sochi and announced the decision of the President, focused attention on the fact that a break in the aerial attack has relations only to one city. In addition, Sands said that all decisions on further action will be taken depending on the situation in Aleppo. But about the deadline by which the maximum will be extended humanitarian pause, the President did not say anything specific, noting that the American partners have not fulfilled their earlier promises.

– The refusal of the aerial bombing of Aleppo does not mean that Russia is retreating from military operations in this city, – says military analyst Boris ROZHIN. – If there is a real threat, air attack can quickly be resumed, after the defeat of the Syrian part, Russia cannot allow this. But we must remember that the Syrian army is not conducting in Aleppo, a large-scale military operations associated with the cleaning of the city. It is necessary to pay attention that the West and South-West from Aleppo to the aid of their “associates” in there trying to break the serious militias. In this place the Russian aircraft is now the most need and I think will be involved. As for the decision of the Kremlin, here is a subtle political game. On the one hand, this is a diplomatic gesture toward the United States, with the designation of their position: we have fulfilled their obligations, now your turn. On the other hand, there is a shift of emphasis. For anybody not a secret that Russian troops are constantly accused of the bombing of civilian targets, for example, hospitals. But the fact that the Americans are actively attacking the same objects in Iraq’s Mosul, the Western media ignored. Now Russia refuses the bombing and come to the fore it is the actions of the United States.

– The resumption of air strikes on Aleppo abject meaninglessness — said political analyst Gleb PAVLOVSKY. – Such attacks will not suffer terrorists, and civilians. And the rebels bombing will only benefit. After all, such operations will only enrage the people against the Russian and Syrian headquarters. I can say that in General the bombing of Aleppo was initially a strategic mistake of Russia, and had meaning only for Assad. The Syrian President through these steps, tried to show that it has an impact on the environment. But politics has such a bad reputation that such can only unite all the people of Syria in a United front directed against the Syrian leader. This for Russia is not good: it turns out that she will remain permanently in Syria, protecting the Assad regime, which is highly undesirable for our state.


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