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Friday, January 19, 2018

British paleontologists in the world first discovered the dinosaur’s brain

Examining unusual fossils, discovered about 10 years ago in the historic County of Sussex in the UK, the researchers came to the conclusion that they have been well-preserved remains of a dinosaur’s brain. Tissue of this organ is usually quickly destroyed, so the experts announced the discovery a big success.

photo: pixabay.com

Apparently, the brain belonged to iguanodon, or other duck-billed dinosaurs that lived in Europe 133 million years ago. According to scientists, is preserved as a mater of the animal, and some tissues, probably related to the brain.

Experts note that the brain of an ancient animal in its structure resembles the brain of modern birds and crocodiles, although previously it was assumed that rather it should be similar to the brains of lizards. In fact, as revealed on “pressed” on the skull, scientists have suggested that it could be quite large. However, it is not excluded and less exciting version of the skull could be inverted, and slightly decayed brain simply “fell” on the upper side. In addition, the specialists underline that even if the brain was really great, it gives sufficient reason to assume that this was the rule and not the exception for the dinosaurs of that time.

As suggested by experts, an ancient reptile, dying, fell into the swamp, causing his brain “is marinated” in water with high acidity and low oxygen content. That is, according to the scientists, and allowed the brain to remain to the present day. Although the researchers emphasize that a single instance is quite difficult to draw some conclusions about what was typical of the brain of dinosaurs, the first such discovery gives hope that it will not be the last.

The results of a study published in the British scientific publication Journal of the Geological Society.


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