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Thursday, March 15, 2018

At the Tokyo film festival, “buried” angelina Jolie

In the main competition of the 29th Tokyo international film festival presents the film of the famous Italian actor Michele Placido. It took “7 minutes” almost like a British classic Ken loach, revealing social problems during the economic crisis. Film Placido recalled and “12” by Nikita Mikhalkov. Only instead of 12 angry men at the table he’s sitting 11 angry women.

The heroine of the film by Michele Placido “7 minutes”. Photo: press office of the Tokyo festival

Mikhalkov followed the path of Sidney Lumet, who directed “12 angry men”, so now Placido is following Mikhalkov. The relay goes on. Sitting in the Director’s chair, Placido did not deny himself the pleasure and played not even an episode, but background role. He beautifully and silently present in the frame, a grandiose dormant until next to decide issues of life and death. Among the 11 workers of a textile factory and the daughter of Placido — Violante. The company dam — ages and multi-ethnic. Here and pregnant, wheelchair users, and dark-skinned migrant from Albania. They all work together in one company, going through hard times, and now their vote depends on how the rest of the life to 300 colleagues. A pregnant woman’s water breaks, and she was sent to the hospital. Will be 10 women who will quarrel among themselves, agreed to the fact that all the troubles of the world come in large numbers such as, who is here the representative of Albania. And then make its verdict.

When you watch the films of Ken Loach, empathize with his characters. They are like us sitting at the screen, and are not perceived as actors, and ordinary people living close by. From Placido all seemed well and reliably. Actresses know their stuff, but they’re Actresses, and it shows. No response problems of their heroines do not cause. They remain behind the glass in the room where gathered to address important issues.

Participating in the competition “Dying beauty” shocking funeral atmosphere. She talks about a whole community of young transvestites (or as they are called transgender women), all day engaged in their own appearance, participating in beauty contests, where, incidentally, appears and the representative of Russia. Director Jun Robles Lana a year ago, became the champion on number of awards at the festival “Pacific Meridian” in Vladivostok, where he represented the previous film “Shadow behind the moon” on refugees. And now a completely different world that can drive you crazy. When one of the characters go to another world, her friends will long to prepare her for a better life, get cleaned up, sarimurat under angelina Jolie. So is the dead masculine beauty lying in a white coffin, reminding the unfortunate Jolie, which is already now get. And the life of transvestites unbearable. The parents chase them from home, as the shame of the family. Don’t need a son of a respectable father, and the guy shouts back that he was Tricia, calling himself a female name. According to Philippine paintings, life in Manila is amazing and reminiscent of a fairy-tale dream.

Almanac “Reflection”, consisting of three novellas — is the most interesting from what was presented at the festival. Episode of the most famous Filipino filmmaker Brilante Mendoza shot on the snowy Japanese island of Hokkaido. The main character — a middle-aged Filipino — 30 years live in Hokkaido, working on the farm, caring for horses exactly as long until the police without incriminating the owner of the farm in the use of illegal migrant labour. And send the Filipino home, where he had not been, where there is no longer his home — only the ruined walls. And in the family of the brother of the undertaker he’s not needed.

A spoiled the attention of Cannes and Venice Mendoza perhaps for the first time took a really strong film. The second Novella “Doves” Japanese Director Isao Yukisada made with Malaysian and Japanese actors in Malaysia. Cambodian Director Sotho of Kulikar shot short story about love and memory, which never leaves a man behind, no matter where he went. Worked at home, since in Japan it was too heavy for prices. Used documentary, referring to the reign of Pol Pot. In total, the project took place, which rarely happens with anthologies, different cinematography is very beneficial effect on each other. We have nothing like that.


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