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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Russians have developed a new system of payment for “communal”

Russians may soon have to say goodbye to the usual receipts for the rent. Residents of high-rise buildings may be required to get a separate bill for each house, and on this account at the end of the month will be paid fee for utilities. The sense of the scheme: to push the operating companies as far as possible from the public money to deprive them of the opportunity to fill their pockets at our expense.

photo: Alex geldings

About what are the tricks used today the utility that it is illegal to raise tariffs for housing maintenance and to entice people more money, says quite a lot. Management companies enjoy the fact that not all inhabitants of apartment houses thoroughly study the Housing code. The majority of the contract with the utilities signed without hesitation. Which is a pity. Last loud scandal has occurred in Buryatia, there are simultaneously more than 140 management companies were in various stages of bankruptcy. This method — Declaration of personal bankruptcy — is often used by scammers to hide their own misappropriation of funds. However, local authorities have not found anything better than debt “upravljac” hang on a population that, among other things, for utilities paid properly and on time.

To exclude the possibility of implementing such fraudulent schemes, industry experts propose to take money from management companies and to pass them on to tenants of apartment buildings. More precisely, not the money itself, and the responsibility for their collection. As explained “MK” head of the housing sector, Institute of economy of the city Irina Gentsler, we are talking about the “common purse”, in which apartment owners would throw off every month. All the same they do now, only the final recipient will not be managing company and a special account that starts for the maintenance of the flats. The utility gets the money from this account only on the basis of their work. Good riddance in the entrance, efficiently swept the yard, just taking out trash — get the full calculation. No work, no money.

“Today, what chain? Most importantly — paying, and interested in the Affairs of management companies — no, no. In this scheme, tenants will never be able to trace where their money after being hit in the pocket to public utilities. The lack of oversight leads to fraud in this area. With a dedicated account citizens will be able to advance to agree on the work plan, to discuss the size of the payment and so on. Control over spending would take over the Board. Then those who render us housing and communal services, the first to be rushed to report about the done work”, — says Irina Gentsler.

The new scheme of the rent, according to Gentzler, you can build in different ways. For example, for heat, water and electricity can directly be calculated with utilities providers on the basis of indicators of individual meters. Then community account will only be debited the funds for the maintenance of housing. By the way, in Russia there are already examples of such houses. Often “shared wallets” are HOA.

“When the management company is and the customer, or rather, the gap between population and resource supplying organizations, and performer, she’s not interested in any savings obtained funds from the citizens, nor that somebody was controlling her actions. The innovation here is to separate these two functions, passing finally to the population, the ability to control the process,” said Executive Director of “housing Control” Svetlana Razvorotneva.

The establishment of a Council house, or so-called homeowners ‘ associations, in each high-rise should automatically occur. A similar principle is at work in the HOA, but everything happens with the consent of tenants. The account stays with the home regardless of what management company it serves. However, as explained Razvorotneva to avoid new corruption schemes must have clear objectives that can be debited from the account.


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