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Monday, February 12, 2018

“We can not exclude the fault of the crew”

MAK Commission officially announced the completion of the investigation of the crash of the Falcon 50 aircraft at the airport “Vnukovo” in October 2014 that killed the CEO of Total Christophe de Margerie. Aviation experts say that the tragedy occurred due to a series of accidents, and cite similar examples from the Soviet era.

We will remind, the incident occurred late on the evening of 20 Oct 2014 while trying to take off in foggy conditions and limited visibility. Aircraft during takeoff collided with a snow machine.

Factors that contributed to the development of disaster

October 25, 2016, the insights obtained in the course of the investigation, was published on the official website of the MAC. For public attention, the Committee outlined the causes of the disaster succinct paragraphs of abstracts with the use of specialized terms. Note, the document shall contain only the factors that could lead to disaster. About who was to blame and who is a big responsibility, no question.

“Similar accidents around the world occur frequently, almost every year”

So, according to the experts, one of the most likely factors that led to the accident was the lack of proper control from the head change of airfield service and violation of the order of operation special vehicles: their departure to the closed for takeoff and landing strip without the request and permission of the Manager of taxiing.

Also, in the Committee’s opinion, the catastrophe was the result of a combination of factors, such as lack of a scheme of action in case of loss of control over spermatikoi, as well as insufficient efficiency of actions for reducing risks in terms of unauthorized departures on runway (runway). Here it is specified that the Manager of the band simply did not find the plow truck and eventually cleared for takeoff.

In addition, among the causes of the accident indicated a formal medical control of drivers of emergency vehicles that “had increased the risk of abuse by drivers of alcohol during working hours”. The important factor here is the lack of drivers of snow plows opportunities for continuous listening of the radio frequency Manager start and ineffective organization to operate the subsystem for the review and monitoring of the airfield.

We will remind, accused on criminal case as regards 3 articles 263 of the criminal code (violation of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons) after a disaster are just five people – the dispatcher Alexander Kruglov and Nadezhda Arkhipova, car driver-segobriga Vladimir Martynenko, the engineer aerodrome service airport “Vnukovo” Vladimir Ledenev, head of flights Roman Dunayev. The next hearing in the case will be held in Solntsevo district court of Moscow on Wednesday, October 26.

Negligence ground services

Honored pilot of Russia, member of the presidential Commission of the Russian Federation on the development of General aviation, Yuri Sytnik on the results of the investigation expressed the OPINION quite restrained. His thesis is close to the conclusions of the IAC.

“Now there is this mess, as was during the crisis in civil aviation. Airfield services work, the monitors are installed, the connection is established, there are devices of transmission and reception, as on cars and controllers. Then, in 2014, was admitted negligence on the part of ground services, and flight Director”, – the expert believes.

“Was not provided proper security. The fact is that when a machine came out on the runway for snow removal, it is necessary to be around as long as it does not leave the runway. Which in this case was not done,” added the pilot.

He also noted that the Manager was allowed to take off without seeing because of the fog the true picture of what is happening on the strip. Because visually it was difficult to determine whether foreign objects on the runway or not. If he was sure that they are there, in this case, have joined a huge Board “Lane blocked”.

The likelihood of pilot error

However, not so clear. In the report the POPPY is said about the factors, which influence on the disaster from the crashed aircraft. Namely, the absence in the manual of operations of the company-operator side at the time of the accident recommendations to the crew for dealing with the appearance of external hazards (e.g. foreign objects on the runway) during takeoff of the aircraft. The Commission also referred to the design features of the aircraft Falcon 50.

In addition, the document States the failure of the crew action to halt the takeoff after the information of the aircraft commander (FAC) on “the machine that crosses the road.” According to experts of the MAC, the inactivity could be sub-optimal psycho-emotional state of pilots, caused by prolonged waiting time at an unfamiliar airport, and a desire to quickly fly home.

Yury Sytnik adheres to the similar point of view.

“Here we can not exclude the fault of the crew, because he saw the snow and thought he would stop. Further, when it was possible to leave, came a time, apparently, when the pilots simply lost control. What is the reason? Or poorly rested, or just were not prepared for such a situation. The plane could have got to the right machine-they are slightly struck. But it sent the pilots who live by other laws,” he said.

Honored pilot of the USSR, Chairman of the Commission for civil aviation of the public Council of Rostransnadzor Oleg Smirnov on the contrary believes that the pilots did not see the danger because he was busy preduzetnika Affairs.

“Any man who even see instantly that he was in danger of a blow on the forehead, turn your forehead from the blow. Was very difficult weather, there was fog and if the crew saw the danger, it would take measures”, – said the expert.

He added that the fatigue of the pilots could hardly be the cause of the accident because the plane was on the tarmac for several days, and the pilots had the opportunity to fully relax.

This happens all the time

Returning to the terrestrial services, both speakers said that the system of factors similar to those that led to the crash of the Falcon 50 aircraft, in Russian airports no. And something extraordinary, associated with the clashes on the ground have also not happening. According to Yury Sytnik, similar accidents worldwide occur regularly, almost every year.

“It so happens that two planes collide on the runway with each other, with the cars they collide with obstacles. Always in different ways. In other countries no better than us. The human factor is the same everywhere. How much have I seen such cases in Germany and Belgium. Americans worse work. So, can calm down, our – not the worst experts”, – said Yuriy Sytnik.

We will add, the biggest disaster in Russia is also associated with collisions on the runway. It was founded in 1977. The Tu-154 plane was allowed to land at the airport of Omsk. At this time, the band came out of the machine for the aerodrome works. In this case the dispatcher did not include the light Board. And when the pilots noticed the danger, it was too late. Touching the ground, the plane at full speed and crashed into the machinery, and it cost the lives of 178 people, including four on the ground. Of the 179 people aboard the aircraft survived only five.


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