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Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Ukrainian government is powerless to prove the “crimes of Yanukovych”

Alarmed by the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office: Yanukovych and his associates, one after another win the case on crimes in which they accused the current Ukrainian authorities. The new Prosecutor General of the country taking emergency arrangements. And this only further exposes the obvious: the persecution of Yanukovych is purely political in nature.

The public Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko explained on Wednesday why eve has created a new, separate Department of the Prosecutor General, which is already the New year to urgently complete the investigation against the former President Viktor Yanukovych and his associates.

“I hope that with the new year the Prosecutor General’s office will forward the materials to the courts, and we will be able to get the result in the form of acquittals regarding Yanukovych”

The unit was called “the Department on investigation of crimes committed by criminal organizations”. Before this case involved the Department of special investigation GPU, which is headed by Sergey Gorbatyuk. This Department now remains only the investigation of cases concerning the Maidan.

“The patience of the countries of the European Union, which imposed the arrest and do not see progress from the team Gorbatyuk, not infinite. I say this not to somehow discredit the Gorbatyuk – he is truly one of the best investigators. But they say that’s because there is a law of correspondence condemnation. The Prosecutor should not argue about the quality of the law, and apply it” – quoted Lutsenko UNIAN.

At the weekend it became known that Lutsenko declared Gorbatyuk reprimand for improper organization of investigations against Yanukovych and other defendants in the sanctions list of the European Union.

It is known that Yanukovych had begun serially to win a lawsuit against Ukraine in Western courts. As reported VZGLYAD, October 15 at the European court of justice confirmed that Ukraine has lost the appeal for the payment of Viktor Yanukovych and his son compensation for taking on the trial of the money – 6 million of 378.4 thousand UAH. Earlier, Yanukovych successfully appealed financial sanctions that the EU imposed two years ago on the former President and his two sons Alexander and Victor (now deceased). The court found that the EU acted illegally.

It is noteworthy that Sergei Gorbatyuk has decided to publicly bicker about it with their immediate supervisor that actually constituted a flagrant violation of professional ethics. “The destruction of the holistic Department, which is working on investigation of crimes of the Maidan, is a direct harm to these industries,” he said on the eve of “the Ukrainian truth”.

The level of legal culture that prevails today in Ukraine, vividly describes and recognition of Gorbatyuk that he is going to obey the laws selectively, as it is better than the Parliament, know what laws are correct and which incorrect. Without batting an eye Gorbatyuk demanded from Parliament to change the law about in absentia convictions. Until then, perform it he refuses. “The current law on special proceedings not in conformity with the Constitution and European conventions. It contains the legal points that may lead to the destruction of production and the avoidance of responsibility by persons who are convicted under this law,” announced the Prosecutor.

Member of Parliament from the ruling coalition Dmitriy Andrievskiy (Block Petro Poroshenko) does not undertake to predict, whether will manage the new office to complete investigations by the New year. “Went to 63 employees. View. The idea is to organize part-time condemnation of Yanukovych. The problem was that Mr. Yan does not believe, does not understand, does not see prospects in absentia trial. He believes that this process must be full-time. But since the prospects of extradition of Yanukovych and his entourage to Ukraine from Russia are extremely small, it is clear that face-to-face process is difficult,” – said Andrievsky newspaper VIEW.

“The important thing procedure person in the Ukraine – investigator. Even the attorney General cannot interfere in the position of investigator. But if the goals of a political plan, it is just in the sphere of the public Prosecutor. When Lutsenko came to this position, he very clearly promised to deputies that this year a significant portion of these cases will be transferred in court” – said the MP from the ruling coalition.

“It is difficult to complete the political Affairs of the Maidan due to the performances of many of these cases, which are of dubious crime due to the destruction and removal of evidence,” – said the newspaper LOOK Director of the Kiev Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik. According to him, the President’s rating falls Poroshenko, and the leaders of the Maidan will put a very sharp questions of power. “Perhaps the previous leadership refused to consider these cases in the political arena. And new leadership can be more flexible and technically very quickly to resolve these cases, ignoring a legal absurdities and inconsistencies. Without looking at the evidence base and without the possibility of appeal the cases to the international courts” – does not preclude the analyst.

Bortnik noted that all these criminal cases primarily serve to discredit the previous government and all the people involved in it, “and that 70% of all elite: technical, legal, and power”. “It is a tool to prevent the power of the former, preventing the formation of counter-elites, because to create a new counter-elite without bringing old very difficult. These cases – tool control radicals, the manipulation of public creation. These cases, unfortunately, today is absolutely a political tool. If the government would like them to investigate, then investigated them in 2014,” – said Bortnik.

Against Lutsenko on Wednesday made even the lawyers for the families, “heavenly hundreds”. In their opinion, the unification of criminal proceedings “of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych and his minions” in one will lead to the collapse of cases in court. In turn victim in the case of the Maidan, the son of Sergei Bondarchuk, Vladimir Bondarchuk, said that the consolidation of Yanukovych and other former officials may result in “empty” sentences, which do not accept neither society nor the world community.

Lawyer Yanukovych Vitaliy Serdyuk gladly took the news. “Protection is considering such action only to the positive side. I hope that with the new year the Prosecutor General’s office will forward the materials to the courts, and we will be able to get the result in the form of acquittals regarding Yanukovych,” – quoted Serdyukov, RIA “Novosti”.

By the way, eve also fell apart the charges against the former Deputy-the regional Vladimir Medianik, who only two months ago the office Lutsenko with great fanfare, was arrested on suspicion of “inciting civil war” in the South-East. “The Prosecutor’s office closed the case against my client. She was forced, because the prosecution had no other choice: they have as it was not evidence of guilt Medianik and there,” – said the lawyer Oleg Babich, adding that he has already released.

Ukrainian political analyst Rostislav Ishchenko suggests that promises Lutsenko was made to divert the public’s attention. As for timing, they are quite feasible. “If you want, you can. They themselves believe. Say that investigated and proved guilty. Now the situation in Ukraine escalates. Poroshenko’s government is very unstable,” – said Ishchenko newspaper VIEW. According to him, legitimization of the regime, these things will not help, because only the blind can not see that Poroshenko “and his whole gang – even worse than Yanukovich.”


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