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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Surprises tax on spongers

Suddenly began to discuss “tax parasites”. It will have to pay unemployed people for its social services, including health. In this story many things are intertwined: the inability of the authorities to clearly explain their true intentions to the population, and their inability to calculate these “true intentions”, and incomplete representation of the people managing the economy, the fact that it’s actually happening.

First, about the terminology. “Tax parasites” — a term incorrectly. Launched with the filing of some members of Parliament, but time is not “strangled” by the representatives of the government and not replaced by something more adequate, reflecting the essence of the innovations, he has caused an information attack on government policy. Supposedly, the next exaction. Around the world unemployed, the benefits are paid, but our “clever” (as then they say, averting suspicions about the involvement of the main entities in the country, “liberal-economic bloc”) was smart enough to charge themselves unemployed. Although 45% of the population (according to polls) approve of such an innovation. But it is these 45% did not see how it will affect their families.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has acted with the comment: talking a little about that. What? I better do something about it then better articulate. The thing is, as I understand it, to get people who have the income, but the state doesn’t know about them, to pay taxes. Including to the Fund of obligatory medical insurance. “Spongers”, using the Soviet term, now redesigned as “broken”, is a minor, and Housewives, and seniors with disabilities, and students and also the unemployed, of course. With the “official” unemployed, that is, embarked on the record, everything is clear: they are not expected to levy such a tax. And, hopefully, pensioners, the disabled and children with mothers caring for them for up to three years. With Housewives is not clear. And do a lot more than.

Let’s talk numbers. The Minister of labour Maxim Topilin figured the amount of such tax. He got 20 thousand per year: 11 700 would pay personal income tax of the working people with the minimum wage, and the rest is contributions to the mandatory medical insurance Fund. He added: “to begin with” because “is even a little”. Because, according to estimates Topilin, the unemployed citizen, the regions pay from their budgets “on average 8-9 thousand a year.”

In fact, “the average temperature in the hospital,” says little. And if the regional payment in the MLA different, why tax one for all — 20 thousand? And why it needs to be a Federal, and not regional, and with different rates? For example, in the Orenburg region, the regional contributions for the unemployed, and that 1.4 million of the 2 million population of the region amounted to 6.5 thousand rubles to the nose. The General rate of OMS around the country last year was 18.9 per thousand, part of it really falls on the regional budgets. But the regions were paying a year ago for officially registered unemployed in the mandatory medical insurance Fund at a rate of 3.4 thousand RUB.

Earlier, the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, speaking for the “tax for parasites” citing the example of the Ivanovo region not covered 62% of the population, — they say, is what is the burden on the budget. But at the same time registered as unemployed are slightly more than 5% of the population. Seems that not all the rest are children, pregnant women, disabled people, pensioners and students. The last in the country, by the way, 5 million people. They also impose?

So who all the same will lay down this burden?

Only in Russia the people who don’t work, including pensioners, children and those “parasites”, — 85 million. And if you look at official statistics, you will see: the median gross salary in Russia (exactly half of the people gets higher and half below) last year amounted to 868 24 rubles a month. Contributions to the MHI at a rate of 5.1% will be for such a “median” employee 15 219 rubles a year. But! Approximately one in ten employees(!), given the number of much lower salaries in the country pays now MHI is less than are encouraged to take unemployed. Where, one wonders, is the logic?

Obviously, it’s that the government suspects that many able-bodied “unemployed” is working, but the “shadow”. Rosstat, the number of such workers in the “shadow economy” consists of 15 million. However, experts of the Ministry of labour believe that they are not less than 22.5 million people. And Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, as I recall, called the figure of 38 million — the number of people, in her words, “do not understand anything”. As with such “jumping” — plus or minus 23 million views on the labour market, our government are going to introduce and, more importantly, to administer the “tax on idle”? The amount of which is questionable in terms of validity.

Now imagine a dull one “mono”, where most of the population of permanent employment not seen in years, odd jobs or going to a subsistence economy. Which — from the garden — lives, as we told recently statistics, almost half of the population. And here they announce: you 20 thousand from the nose, if you please to pay or prove that you should not pay. Just a question: would then, personally, President Putin, who usually leaves the “quenching” social explosions of the type of Pikalevo, in all “hot spots” of disturbance, given that the “towns” we have up to 400 pieces?

However, the most reasonable and sober (literally) “non-performing” will do differently. Oh, they will say, well, then we’ll go up and stand on record as unemployed. And even then due and owing will state: first, 75% of the wage at the last place (but not more than 4500 per month), then 50%, and after year at a minimal rate benefit, that is 850 rubles per month. Multiply 38 million “it is unclear what is involved in” at least 850, will receive 3 billion to 230 million per month, 38.7 billion a year. Which is almost the same amount, according to audit chamber, “overpaid” regions for the unemployed, social security funds (40 billion rubles in the previous year). It is unlikely that these payments are budgeted in the calculations of the fans of the new tax. Plus the cost of accounting for the Horde of new “officially unemployed”. Plus the cost of the creation of artificial jobs, in fact the economy does not need to employ people — because certainly the regions will have such a distribution list, to improve the statistics.

Thus, the authorities do not have information about the real income of a significant part of working population. I need to put the problem! And not make a fuss where nothing will grow and nothing, accordingly, do not collect. And to raise the question about effective representation at the level of the tax authorities of the conformity of real incomes with the expenses. At the same time reducing the volume of cash payments. After a little more what in the world is still cash can buy not only the car but also real estate.

Then you will become eligible questions not only about why the “temporarily unemployed” young man, riding a “Lamborghini” or, at worst, “gelendvagene”, not only does not pay contributions to the MLA Pension Fund and personal income tax, but generally has a “Lamborghini”.

But this, of course, is another government agencies. Ideally, it would be necessary to go to independent citizens declare their income by filing a Declaration. And then a separate payment of taxes. It would be much clarified in the minds of many an idea of how much it raises not only the content of the native state and officials who are now in Russia than it was in the Soviet Union, but also separate “events”. From megastream, Olympics and world Cup to military operations outside the country and debt forgiveness for billions to dubious regimes.

However, the comparison of real incomes with the costs can create a lot of “uncomfortable questions” by government officials. Especially top or senior to the security services, which may strongly agree “debit” with “credit.” Apparently, including this reason, the government is still not particularly in a hurry with the establishment of the account of such compliance mandatory. But in today’s grim budget situation, it will have to do sooner or later.

That, in turn, will lead to the release of “from the shadows” of millions, yet prefer government not to interfere. Incidentally, they rarely use and cosmedicine. Poor quality, troublesome and time consuming. And them it is necessary to stick in the “garage economy”, so it’s easier and faster to go to a private clinic. But if they still force to get out of the “shadows” and begin substantive to communicate with the state, including on the tax, they have people belonging to the most active part of the population, the answer may be born as specific questions about how these taxes are spent. To start up, as they say, interesting dialogue.

If those who propose “tax parasites”, I want exactly this communication between taxpayers and the state, then that’s fine. But perhaps they did not mean complete withdrawal from the “shadow” of millions of people, so that they began to ask such sensitive questions in response to the requirement for them to report the income. Offering “tax parasites” because it serves as a populist endeavor of taming the alleged “slackers”, because they want only “making money is easy”.


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