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Monday, October 16, 2017

Scientists commented on the danger of the planet killer Nibiru to the earth

On Monday, the Internet users were scared by the message on the treacherous planet Nibiru, which flies back to our Land, to face her at the wrong time (i.e. 278 days) and to destroy all life. But not to worry: Nibiru will not destroy the Earth – Nibiru just doesn’t exist.

photo: nasa.gov

Horror stories about this planet, scientists noticed that appear with a frequency of approximately every few months for five years.

– How to assure “followers” of Nibiru, it is in our Solar system, somewhere between Mars and Jupiter, – told “MK”, Professor, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, astronomer Yuri Efremov, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences to combat pseudoscience, chief researcher of the Department of studying of Galaxies and variable stars GAISh MGU. – Nibiru is dedicated to the many sites and there are quite interesting that it is described, for example, that it is five times more Land. This alone proves that all the stories about this planet, is nonsense: such a large celestial body, we would have seen that in the low-power telescope, but the planet no one has ever seen. So it simply does not exist.

However, there are people who, maybe, Nibiru personally have not seen, but with aliens in outer space were flying, and they, too, have something to say about it. Here astronomer Ephraim was kidnapped by little green men for acquaintance with extraterrestrial civilizations? No. And Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the head of FIDE, under whose auspices immediately after the presidential election in new York will start the match for the title of world chess champion between Norwegian Karlsenom and our Karjakin, who was kidnapped. According to his own confession that once brought to the agenda in the Duma. Here is Kirsan Nikolayevich believes that Nibiru exists. But fear not worthy of her.

– Explode all the world – on another planet will be at a shell – optimistic, he told me about his attitude to Nibiru. – Long calculated that the Sun will exist for five million years, and then still goes out. Everything comes and goes. There is nothing eternal. Our universe had a beginning, then it will not, then again something POPs up. On Mars, here was life, then stopped. Now we have life. We will stop on Saturn will start or somewhere else on the Cassiopeia. It should not scare you.

Well, Nibiru Karjakin our help to beat Carlsen, whose statistics of personal meetings many times better, will be more difficult than to see a planet of invisibility in a home telescope.


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