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Monday, February 19, 2018

The great-grandson of Dostoevsky told about the harmful habits of the writer

What Dmitry Andreyevich Dostoevsky — a descendant of the great writer, can be seen at first glance. They are very similar — Fyodor Dostoyevsky and his great-grandson. He lives in St. Petersburg. We met at the Gatchina festival “Literature and cinema”. The great-grandson of Dostoevsky proved to be a temperamental person and never let anyone get bored.

Dmitry Andreyevich Dostoevsky

“I have mastered 21 the profession, starting with the tram driver”

— The grandson of Mikhail Sholokhov, Alexander Sholokhov told me how he met one of the descendants of Radishchev. They struck him with their resemblance to the famous ancestor. You also very similar to his great-grandfather. If you’ve ever had to deal with representatives of other glorious birth?

– One time I was the leader of the Nobility, which in the main were United by servicemen of the nobility. There were many representatives of well-known names, including Karamzin. They are also very similar to his famous relative.

Meeting the descendant of a famous person, especially pay attention to his appearance, but a closer look, exploring the nature. Many inner qualities passed down from generation to generation. If to speak about Fyodor Mikhailovich, it is impossible not to mention that he had a sweet tooth. In me this tendency is less pronounced, but my son and granddaughter all is well with this. I seen mention of love to the sweet letters my father and grandfather.

Fyodor intensively smoked. I conducted a study of immediate ancestors, and found that they had this tendency. From Dostoevsky’s wife Anna Grigorievna is mention of the fact that her husband took the cigarettes without. And it was whole act. When children have reached a more or less conscious age, Fyodor took on them the obligation to mix the two types of tobacco in certain proportions. Kids apparently loved to twirl the mixture. They fatten cigarettes. According to present concepts, they made my dad’s poison, especially as he was suffering from lung disease. Antibiotics did not exist, so he ruined himself and the children he helped.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

— Noble relationship has predetermined your life?

– Certainly. When people ask me if I had any relation to the famous writer, I look people in the eye and decide whether or not to communicate with him. But you can always say: “No. The namesake”. People learned that you are a descendant of a famous person, trying to understand what about you what are? And that would be a tragedy of life.

Daughter of Fedor Mikhailovich, Luba, could say: why is everyone talking about my father, why not talk about me, I’m also going to write. Wrote. But I would not say that she had talent. With great difficulty he forced himself to read what she wrote.

Anna Grigorievna is the word confessional where she says that the descendants of geniuses nature rests. Lyuba life hard lived, never married, no kids. Line kind it was interrupted. She thought of herself as a special woman, afraid to sell too cheap with the chosen one, which has two confirmed in writing.

She wanted to marry the Governor of Staraya Russa, and he did not pay her attention. Its interaction with Lev Lvovich Tolstoy also did not develop into a novel.

When her mother said, well, what are you, a young widow, not married, she replied that after Dostoyevsky one can go except for the Leo Tolstoy, but he’s already taken. And Luba has developed something similar. Together with Lev Lvovich she wrote some little pieces, but in the end they broke up.

Dostoevsky prophecy about his own family. On his deathbed he called to his children and read to them the parable of the prodigal son. Both of the kids broke away from the house. He understood that he will not be able to influence them. Luba is leaving Russia, when not a single Russian man and never thought to go: In 1912, tells his mother that he was going to Europe for treatment, and then come back, and herself to death lived abroad and died there. And lived on the money received from the publication of books of his father, who gently sent her mother.

There is a tragic letter, Anna asks Luba to play in the casino, recalls the sad example of his father (more I have not seen mention of it). Maybe Luba took himself in hand and never played again.

Abroad for the anniversary of the death of her father she wrote memoirs. French. We have them issued in 1928. she was born in Dresden, and it was dragged into Europe. And her brother Fyodor was born in St. Petersburg, and when his mother wrote: “Go to Europe, have fun, get some rest”, he replied: “What I have not seen?”

All his life he was engaged in racehorses, kept a stable, and when it burned, barely the best horses to save. Interestingly, sister of Fyodor remained in Moscow, and the brothers went to St. Petersburg. Dostoevsky in the last days, and he was not going to die, he wrote in his notebook and in a letter to Anna Grigorievna about preparing to move to Moscow.

— How old were you when you found out who you are?

– In 15 years. As soon as mom felt that it is possible for me to say, but added: “Only less about this talk.” This was the time.

I was in no hurry to tell her eldest granddaughter Anya about her famous ancestor. On new year’s day we went to the Dostoevsky Museum. Nearby — a monument to him. We’ve got to. Anya already knew how to read, her finger held the letters: “Oh, and I Dostoevskaya”. Then I told her and explained that this uncle is a relative, promised to show how many books he wrote. Two days later we found her little book that she made, filled with sinusoids. Anya wrote the book.

— And your son…

— It gradually replaces me. I immediately decided that I will not put any pressure on him for his attitude to Fyodor, may be formed independently. Not peddling books with the words: “Read the great-grandfather”. He formed himself.

Who is he by profession?

– Studied at pedagogical, but on a speciality “English teacher” did not work. And it is also in our genes sitting.

Fyodor received higher education, was an engineer-surveyor, but six months later resigned, became a free man, began to write and live on it. It was difficult to exist on the literary works. Turgenev, Tolstoy had villages, farmers who plowed them. In Dostoevsky that support was not. Son Fyodor one day in the public service was not. The grandson of Andrew, my dad, a big part of my life has passed in Soviet times.

He graduated from the industrial, and now the Polytechnic Institute in Leningrad, studied forest management. Then the war started, he actually in the early days went to the front, was wounded and in 1946 for medical reasons received early retirement. I basically refused to get a higher education.

— What’s the principle?

— I thought it was interesting to be an engineer for 80 rubles per month. I wanted to learn a lot. I have a 21 profession. In Soviet times, I was considered a flyer. In HR, looking at my work record, cautiously treated me. I watched closely in the eye, finally took. You see it’s not a drunk.

I know that you drove a tram, and what else is involved?

— Range of professions, from technical to artistic.

And what is the most artistic?

– Applying diamond facets on a crystal vase. This is one of my first professions. In high school introduced compulsory vocational education. I went to school on Fontanka, where half of my classmates studied at the art glass factory, and the other high precision shafts, which were deposited pattern on the fabric. From early childhood, fond of radio, collecting receivers.

In the 90s came the difficulty, I found myself without a job. I was invited to Germany to open the Dostoevsky Society, and I stayed there to work, repaired the first VCRs, TVs. Received money and sent parcels to the family in order to feed.

— So you’re one lived there?

– The first one. Brought to Germany the whole family, when he realized that easy to get, and if need be — go led the Munich tram.

Useful quality knitting my wife Luda. I took her to the Park she sat on a bench and knit. Had the opportunity to earn, and we didn’t refuse. Back home in the car.

From Germany went wonderfully. Putsch happened. On TV declare that it is willing to provide political asylum in simplified form, automatically extending visas to Russians living in Germany. We have assembled a family Council, thought — what if border will close, and all, and we’ll be here for hours. Packed up and went home. Although we in Germany was flat shooting, constant work, although informal. Live and be happy. But I have nostalgia came in the third month.

— You could live happily ever after, creating a Fund of Dostoevsky.

— Even in his youth, pondered: I am the great grandson of the great man, but will I live through this, or become independent? My life is divided into two parts: one belonged to Fyodor, and the second was my own. But the thought of something special to create did not come to mind. The only thing I have done is defended the very name as a trademark, so it does not appeared everywhere not to appear casino “Dostoevsky”.

But the hotel there.

– Relevant paper I came later than the name of the hotel. In hindsight we are not able to change something.

I was told from Staraya Russa the city has purchased four land, built a hotel, called the “Dostoevsky”. Asked how I feel about that. I said, “Let it be so.” Even Anna was not against the same steamer on the Volga. Traveling on the river, she wrote: “I have passed the ship “Dostoevsky”. And lived on the street Dostoevsky in Yalta. When the subway station in St. Petersburg, called Dostoyevskaya, I thought, so be it. In honor of Anna.

Anna Grigorievna Dostoevskaya

“Fyodor Mikhailovich loved beer”

— When you are invited to different cities and countries at the events dedicated to Dostoevsky that you want?

Mainly represent himself as the direct descendant. Roughly speaking, name as wedding General. I do not like it, and I do the reports: for example, about the lives of children, based on thousands of letters of Anna to the children and their letters to her. They are stored in Pushkin house, but no one except me, they didn’t attack until now.

From them I learned that Dostoevsky was very fond of beer. Anna Grigorievna is written that in every city where they were staying, was a kind of pretty place. There they sat, admiring the scenery and drank beer, mention light. This drink has been in my family for an important product. I myself moved away from it, and son loves.

— So, you can still derive new facts, make findings?

— Happens. We have a chance to find a rough manuscript of “the Brothers Karamazov”. Traces of some remain, like the assumption that it was stolen and moved to the rebels Russia in 1918 in Georgia. In the end, I think she’s gone abroad somewhere, if we assume that the manuscripts do not burn. It is invaluable for textual edits of the work of the writer.

A lot of things there, for example, the manuscript of “Demons”, and the letter is missing. I found mention of the fact that the children of Fyodor Dostoevsky and Luba went bad. Fyodor writes frankly mom and cuts class once, walking in the garden, was on the bench alongside gray-haired General. Got to talking and it turned out that he had during his service in Siberia were letters of Fyodor pieces of twenty. But they all burned up. And when the writer bought a house in Staraya Russa, it turned out that the owner hid that from time to time, the area is filled with water. Once Luba remained there alone, and things from the first floor and moved upstairs, and suitcases with the letters of Dostoevsky soaked. She threw them away.

“Nephew, Dostoevsky was sent to the construction of the white sea-Baltic canal”

— Let’s play the family tree.

— Fyodor Mikhailovich had four children. The first and last died in infancy. Luba, as we have said, had no offspring. Remained Fedor, whose lineage extends to the present day. Following after him was Fedor and Andrei. Fedor-third died at the age of 16. Mom saved his poems. They were printed in the “Chronicle of sorts of Dostoevsky”. When I showed them the poets, said that he wrote their 16-year-old boy, were shocked. How popular is Mature.

— It is interesting that three of Fedor in a row.

— This is an old Russian tradition — the eldest son be named after his father. Andrew also had two children before the war my sister and I, after the war. What I’m Dmitry, — this, most likely, the mother insisted in memory of his early deceased brother. My sister Tatiana almost ten years difference. We are from different generations. Her life is largely the same fate as their mother. Don’t know whose life he lives.

— How is your grandson called?

— Fyodor. Fedor-fourth. I insisted on Ivan. I liked that Alex is, Mr mean, let it be Ivan. I believe that to Fyodor Mikhailovich three brothers — incarnation of one person: rebel, believer and doubter. My son Alex became captain of the fleet of the monastery on Valaam. There he served in the army and left. Everyone was worried that their children will be sent to Chechnya. He had no family, and to continue to race is necessary. Here, Fyodor Mikhailovich, together with the Lord helped.

It turned out that the son was late on an autumn appeal, there was already a kit. And he stayed for the winter at the monastery, came to the court. The Abbot gave him an eternal blessing — a rare case. Almost twenty years son lives there.

During one of his visits Alex met with the Bishop of Tomsk, and found that he wanted to turn the ship into a Church, that he plied the rivers of Siberia. He offered his son to become his captain. Churches in the villages of one, two and miscalculated, and the construction of a new no money. And the ship and to marry and to bury.

I got a call from the office of the Archbishop and asked father to bless my son for further action. I was on fire, said do not mind. And the son decided otherwise: “I still Valaam was filled with the spirit”.

— If the ancestors are read, then they support?

– I have my own work on this. I had cancer in his youth. I live hunting, and it is necessary to undergo surgery. There was no guarantee that survive. But it is alive.

My mom though, and reforged in the Soviet man, but remembered what was happening from the nobility. Her grandfather Shestakov was chief of artillery of the fortress, the Governor-General of Vilna (now Vilnius). In Soviet times, the mother was forced to hide it in the “social origin” pointed out that of the burghers.

Then she joined archiveros the names of Dostoevsky — definition of Ulyanov-Lenin. She escaped arrest, but my father a month in prison on Shpalernaya. The file says that he was arrested three days after the assassination of Kirov.

The fact that he sat became known abroad. There began to write: the grandson of the great writer in prison. And his father was released. Fyodor saved. And I could sew anything, as he did against Andrei Andreyevich — nephew Fyodor, the son of his brother: he was taken in 1931.

There are documents about the arrests, which nobody except me saw. The hair stood on end, so it was far-fetched. Andrey Andreevich was sent to the construction of the white sea-Baltic canal, and he was 64 years old. Saved Lunacharsky, although the Minister was not. Andrei in two years died. I first read his first explanation after his arrest in the Geneva archive, with permission to read from the FSB. That’s where Terry devilry.

— Your name was drawn to you probably the most different people?

— Constantly. But I’m a relative of Pushkin in Pavlicheff, through the female line. And maybe closer than some of the current descendants.

— And what for history in your family with Hollywood?

– I’m on fire with this topic, I feel that the scenario is about Anna Grigorievna was delivered. My grandmother Ekaterina Petrovna wrote it, identified as art-documentary. According to my research it’s based on her conversations with Anna about Fedor Mikhailovich.

Grandma, of course, it is not seen: Dostoevsky died when she met his son. The script she sent to Hollywood in 1956, and in 1957, died.

Ekaterina Petrovna talked with Nina Berberova. So she claimed that the script was accepted. It was necessary to conclude the contract, but Catherine Petrovna was already on the light. Script is left in the archive. I wish to find him — I think he is not lost in the archives of Hollywood.

The grandmother was engaged in private lessons, trained Bolshevik shoots, because he knew four languages. For it and lived. And here also received a false report that her son Andrew was killed. In General, she decided to leave the USSR. Was in Regensburg, Paris, then in Menton. And there lived to the end of his days and was buried at the Orthodox cemetery. I was there. Had an interesting idea that would also be in there. Such a beauty! Views of the Mediterranean sea, like an emerald, but close to tangerines and lemons grow.

I’m glad to have met you. You are such a temperamental person, living what is necessary to live.

— Temperament really is. Fyodor was the same clockwork. And Fedor Fedorovich also temperament were. I will not say so about the father. And in our genes the complete absence of rancour. Also from Fyodor Mikhailovich. Anna writes about it. Though he called someone his literary enemies, but wanted to make peace with them.


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