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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Stephen Hawking has said, what a major mistake the risk to pay humanity

A full artificial intelligence in the future is likely to put the existence of humanity at risk. This statement was made by physicist Stephen Hawking. This is not the first “apocalyptic” forecast of the scientist, in the past famous for their discoveries concerning black holes.

photo: pixabay.com

Your thoughts of the scientist told during the opening ceremony of the Center for the study of artificial intelligence and the future of humanity, held in Cambridge University. Hawking said that the development of artificial intelligence provides humanity with enormous potential, but carries no less risk. First and foremost concern of physics is the fact that the effects of the improvement of computer intelligence, by and large, are unpredictable.

Perhaps artificial intelligence will allow humanity to solve many facing urgent problems, in particular environmental, said Hawking. However, in his opinion, one cannot exclude a scenario in which the human creation in a particular issue “will not agree” with their creators and decide to go with them to a direct conflict. Also, the researcher does not exclude the possibility that artificial intelligence may find a good idea of subordination or even destruction of the people. Therefore, if the mankind will not be able to calculate all risks associated with the development of AI, this error may be his last.

In the past Hawking has repeatedly stated about the different threats that humanity creates for itself. In particular, all people on Earth, according to physics, can destroy a nuclear war, human-induced climate change, or super-viruses created through genetic engineering. However, some of the pessimistic scenarios from time to time voiced scientist look even more fantastic. In addition to the already announced “rebellion” artificial intelligence, an example is a warning that in the future humanity will attract the attention of a more advanced alien civilization, and colonize that Land.


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