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Friday, February 16, 2018


I must say that criticism and self-criticism as a method of disclosure of the contradictions of social development has received wide development in our country not only after the XXV Congress of the CPSU, but in recent years, with the development of more modern management techniques like controlling, coaching, etc.

photo: Ivan Skryplev

So, with regards to the criticism the books on management do not recommend to use in relation to their colleagues, words such as “arrogance,” “sloppiness” and “gullibility”, that quite corresponds to with the old party recommendations. But what words can you call yourself in the case of self-criticism, accurate scientific advice to date no. Although this, too, would do well to decide.

As far as I remember (and I remember myself a long time ago), we have every government talks about the need for economic restructuring. But nothing restructurise and at the same time not sign in their own incompetence. The fact that the economy is eating itself alive, to blame someone else, since nature elements and ending with external forces, but not the performers themselves.

In the last days the same there is debate about the awarding of the next Nobel prize for literature to Bob Dylan.

No less significant poet Nikolai Nekrasov our long before Bob said, “you do not be, and must be a citizen”. And in this respect, the newly minted winner is a true American citizen. Using the microphone, guitars and improvised instruments of state influence, he carries the culture of the country in the global mass.

Of course, we realize that the comparison of his songs with the ancient poetry is some hyperbole, as they used to say the ancient Greeks: and the loan interest and the loans from the International monetary Fund came later. But they invented “odinnadtsatimetrovy bill” a very good illustration of the problems of national budget deficits, which, they say, will soon reach $ 20 trillion.

And if Bob even something not quite as in antiquity, the Wild West since ancient times, prominently bears the inscription: “do Not shoot the pianist, he plays as best he can”. However, the impact of Dylan’s songs are great: even if scientists scratching their heads as to measure the content of gaseous nitric oxide in the Airways and the gut, you should listen to the song of the bard breath of wind, and the title of the article comes in the head itself.

And it is absolutely pointless to come on to the Nobel Committee for the prize in literature it is awarded to journalists or musicians. On the one hand, where all the countries are painted, once the award is given for the development of national traditions. A rival to Bob Dylan in this Haruki Murakami is also popular, unlike, say, from his brother in Peru Ryu. But apparently, Japan’s turn will come another time. And the fact that in States other writers left, so that helped.

If Nobel prize is given “for the maintenance of American song tradition” is not just some spirituals thrown by the Royal Swedish Academy, and I think she sincerely for the development of national identity. Not the fact that any identity for her, but first we must not forget about their traditions, instead of trying to learn the basics of postmodernism.

And, our performers exactly such an award will not give, if in the show “the Voice” judge can say that the Russian stuff im just not interested. Although not the fact that the audience interesting rehash of Western hits in broken language, which is obviously worse than the original.

Well, if you start to imitate the American tradition (within the sanctions of course), can, of course, the chances of an international prize and will grow, but the world will have to forget about the cultural diversity that is the key to development.

It is noteworthy that the Nobel prize in medicine this year was awarded for discoveries in the field of autophagy of cells, that is, the self-blame. For rent, this is the most appropriate word with which to begin to engage in self-criticism in any sphere of activity.

It dawned on

■ Whole life — in varying cell structures of military reform.

■ Note, not the lousy sheep herd all the spoils!

■ Someone who is not wagging the tail, the more you have to maneuver yourself.

■ The fee for major repairs, such as non-residential, and public buildings are repaired.

■ Post-industrial technologies are postsecular society.

■ From his wife not to hide anything that didn’t already know NSA.

■ Getting up from his knees, do not always know where to go.

■ Arguing about taste for additional flavors.

■ I wonder how would be with her “No way!” Stanislavsky searched on the Internet.

Ivan Ivanyuk


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