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Monday, February 19, 2018

Historians recognized the value of ancient curses, discovered in the Novgorod birch bark

The mysterious word “Pasak” contained in the discovered few months ago in Veliky Novgorod birch bark really is a dirty word — but not what was originally intended. This was stated by studies document the academician Andrei Zaliznyak.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The researcher reminded that the bark contains a string, which is “wow Artemia Uo Osaka three beregovski”. According to the researchers, is a record of the dues or debt. The word “Berkovski” is one of the forms of the word “Berezovets” — widespread in Ancient Rus a measure of weight of honey, or grain, equal to 10 poods. The word “Artemia” most likely means the name “Artemia”. But most of all professionals interested in the word “posek”, previously written documents not seen before, writes “the Russian newspaper”.

Scientists soon speculated that the unknown word is a kind of curse, but its exact value is still unknown. Originally expressed a theory that the word “posek” means “crook” or “thief” — in reaching this conclusion, the experts was based on the analysis of the Pskov and Tver dialects. Accordingly, for a long time it was believed that the birch bark was mentioned by someone, tricked appropriated someone else’s property.

However, recently experts have come to the conclusion that the odd word has a different meaning: “drunk” or “lazy.” Thus, the conjecture that it is a dirty word, still admits correct, but the essence of the “charges” and the origin of the word was not such as had previously been thought. A new version of the word “posek” comes from meaning city of the word “Posada”, which is preserved to this day as the names of some cities. As explained by Andrey Zaliznyak, the villagers perceived by citizens as less industrious and, as a consequence, more prone to drunkenness, which led to the emergence of curses.

According to experts, the new data can get a new read and some previously known documents — in particular, the researchers assume that the word “craftsman” can be more values (until now it was thought that this adjective denotes only a relation to the Governor — the head of the city).


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