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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bracelet with explosives: the trial began for the murder of lawyer Grabowski Ukrainians

On Friday, the Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev was held a preparatory meeting on the case of murder of lawyer Yury Grabovsky, who defended the former Russian military Alexander Alexandrov. At the first meeting, the lawyer of one of accused has not given to declare to the client about the refusal of the confession, but the victim refused his defenders.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

For a few minutes before 26-year-old Artem Yakovenko said that he does not plead guilty to the murder of Grabowski, but refused to comment further. After about half an hour the meeting ended, and his lawyer Alexander Panchenko said that the defendant misunderstood, in fact he continues to consider himself a murderer.

Recall that in early September, Yakovenko and his friend, 19-year-old Maxim Shmelev, admitted that he abducted the corridor, hoping to shake out of it as much money as possible, and that he will not run away, hitched to his leg bracelet with explosives. In parallel, they tortured him and recorded a video in which the lawyer regrets that undertook to defend Alexandrov.

Despite the intrigue surrounding the testimony of the accused, Igor, Ivan, attorney Grabowski sister of Olga, who passes on business in quality of the victim, said that he had no claims to the work done by the investigators work. However, relatives of the deceased, apparently, was another opinion, and she refused the services of Tcherezov and his colleagues Elena Drozdova. The next court session to be held in another of 28 Oct.

As you know, March 5, 2016 Grabowski suddenly disappeared in the midst of the trial of “Russian hereunto”. While searching for a lawyer unknown posted on his behalf, messages and photos in Facebook, which was supposed to prove that he really is resting in Egypt. But two weeks later his body was found in an abandoned collective garden on the border of Cherkassy and Kiev regions. The examination found that Grabowski died on 7 March. First he smashed his head, and then shot.

Almost immediately the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities found in the murder of a “Russian trace”. For example, the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that the murder of lawyer, Russia could try to discredit Kiev in the eyes of the European Union. And the former head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko said that Moscow killed Grabowski, to intimidate witnesses in the case of Alexander and Erofeeva…

However, everything changed when the main suspects in the murder were Ukrainians Maxim Shmelev and Artem Yakovenko. Artem calculated on the phone, which he took with him to Egypt with the body of Grabowski and maxima found in the cameras of ATMs when he withdrew money from the card of a lawyer.

Now all the law enforcement agencies in one voice to say that the trial of former Russian military anyway. As said Parliament Commissioner for human rights Mikhail Chaplya, the defendants decided that the Grabowski, does not hide his wealth, is for them an easy victim.

Given that young people were unemployed and spent every waking hour in the gym, reveling in their appearance, in such an interpretation one would believe it. However, it is unclear where they got their bracelet with the bomb and why was it the repentance of the lawyer.

In principle clarify the situation, and could participate in the murder of the security services, but not Russian, and Ukrainian… Their attitude to the judicial process which began with the “MK” shared a friend of Grabowski, the lawyer Oksana SOKOLOVSKY:

– The Prosecutor’s office claims that Grabowski was killed for robbery, and on the basis of his sexual orientation. I am convinced that the prosecution insists on this specifically in order to discredit the honor of Yura, who was killed due to the fact that he defended Alexandrov.

I know that the investigation was not carried out many investigations, including simultaneous interrogation of the display of events in the scene and so on.

Perhaps, Igor, Ivan, attorney Grabowski sister of Olga, who passes on business in quality of the victim, said that he was happy with everything, because the Prosecutor threatened him with criminal prosecution, as it was in my case, when I defended Evgeny Erofeev. As for the accused, Chmelev confessed only after he was given a convenient for the investigation of counsel, and Yakovenko, if killed, it is clearly not for the purpose of robbery.


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