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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Australia has discovered a dinosaur-a”giraffe” of a previously unknown species

A group of paleontologists, under the guidance of Australian coach David Elliott discovered the remains who lived about 95 million years of salvanatura — huge herbivorous dinosaur with a long neck. Species belonging to previously unknown species helped scientists to understand how dinosaurs found in Australia in all likelihood, they came to this continent, then through the snow-covered Antarctica.

photo: pixabay.com

After examining the remains, experts are convinced that the discovered dinosaur resembled modern giraffes are not only elongated neck, but also growth. Length of the Raptor from head to tail, according to scientists, was approximately 15 meters. It is assumed that 105 million years ago the ancestors of the discovered specimens belonging to the genus of titanosaurs and sauropods, driven by global warming, left South America via Antarctica came to Australia (it is assumed that all these land areas were connected. Experts suggest that in the distant past, large herbivorous dinosaurs were distributed across the Earth.

Officially the new species was named Savannasaurus elliottorum. The first part of the name refers to the fact that dinosaurs of this type had to live in Savannah, and the names of the head of a group of paleontologists and members of his family also chose this profession.

Research specialists dedicated to the discovery of new species, published in the journal Scientific Reports. In the same work experts report about another discovery of the first skull of a sauropod, discovered in Australia. This skull was attributed to the already known mean — Diamantinasaurus matildae. It is assumed that both species, although they have “relatives” in other parts of the world, are unique to Australia, the researchers note.

In the future, the researchers plan to continue the excavations in order to test his theory on how it titanosaurs came to Australia.


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