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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The installation of the monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow will be completed by Sunday

Muscovites will be able to see the statue of Prince Vladimir on Borovitskaya square only on the eve of national unity Day. Although work on the installation of the monument will be completed next Sunday, said the author of the monument Salavat Shcherbakov. Explaining the reasons for the installation of the monument, the sculptor recalled: Vladimir – “the founder of our country”, and largely thanks to him that “was born the great Russian culture, civilization”.

A special box, which now closes the monument to Prince Vladimir on Borovitskaya square in Moscow, will be demolished on 3 November, a few hours before the solemn opening of the monument, which is scheduled for national unity Day, November 4. On Tuesday the Executive Director of the Russian military historical society (rvio) Vladislav Kononov.

“This is the founder of our country. In contrast to the problematic figures of Stalin, Ivan the terrible and even Peter the first, Vladimir is the absolute figure”

“The installation of the monument goes according to plan. The monument was erected on a pedestal, as workers have already established the cross to the place of installation brought separately from the sculpture of the Prince. Now comes the preparation part of the cloak, which was also delivered separately”, – said Kononov TASS. “We refused from the idea to hang a monument to the canvas, as is usually done, due to the fact that its size and weight can be very large. Probably we will close the special shields only the pedestal of the monument,” he said.

“The canvas will create unnecessary windage, necessarily, to cling to some element, and how it would be to throw without special ladders. It is not our problem, and the problem of those who wrote the script for the opening ceremony. In my memory there were cases when the pedestal just cut the ribbon!” – said the author of the monument, people’s artist of Russia Salavat Shcherbakov.

Technical work on the installation will be completed before Sunday 23 October, and landscaping of the adjacent territory – even two days later, said the author of the monument. “All work on the installation of the monument go according to plan. Almost all items, except part of the coat of Prince Vladimir, which we brought on the Borovitsky area separate from the sculpture of the Prince, already welded to the sculpture, as part of the Cape will be welded today”, – said Shcherbakov. After that, he said, will sweep welds and patinnova (application of patina) that bronze protects against adverse external influences.

We will remind, the idea of the monument originated more than two years ago, but due to discussions around the place the process was delayed. Only last weekend a special train with the bronze sculpture arrived from Khimki near Moscow, where the foundry. Workers put the 12-foot figure on a pedestal.

The Director of the Department of state protection of cultural heritage Ministry of culture, Mr Representative reminded the newspaper VIEW that the installation of any monuments is a matter of controversy, starting with the monument to military commander Georgy Zhukov, to the Emperor Alexander, Ivan the terrible. He also stressed that the place was not chosen by chance. Borovitskaya area was chosen by Muscovites – users of the application “Active citizen”.

“We, as Muscovites used to the wasteland for this place. Place next to the Kremlin, Pashkov house. Incorrectly that it was empty. Of course, it is necessary to fill. And the people of Moscow voted for the Borovitsky area. I would say that this is a very good place for the monument. It’s much better than what there going to build – namely, the repository for museums of the Kremlin. This platform is worthy of such a historical personality. But the pad need to enter the city limits,” – said the Representative.

The owner of Borovitskaya square

Chairman of the Russian military historical society (RVIA), the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky also called the selected place is fantastic, although there is now a “wasteland.” “And with the appearance of the monument… Moscow will have a new unique comfortable place of interest”, – said Medina.

We will remind, in the spring of 2014 the initiative group, which included Executive Secretary of the Patriarchal Council for culture Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov), the leader of the biker club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov, the Surgeon, historian Alex Novolisino, the leader of the movement “people’s Cathedral” Vladimir Khomyakov, as well as members of the public, first approached the city authorities with a request to install a monument to Prince Vladimir. Their initiative was supported by RVIA.

It was planned that the cast is the people’s money the monument was installed in the summer of 2015 in celebration of the 1000th anniversary of repose of Prince. In the fall of 2014, the Moscow Commission on monumental art of the three possible locations of the monument – Gory, Lubyanskaya square, the square in front of Kievsky railway station – chose the former, denoting the date of opening of the monument on 28 July 2015, the Day of the baptism of Rus.

In February 2015, RVIA announced the completion of the competition to design the monument. Of 10 works proposed family of sculptors (including Vladimir Surovtsev, Andrei Kovalchuk and Alexander Rukavishnikov), chose the project Shcherbakov, who in may of 2015 introduced the full-size model of the monument in clay.

In parallel in society, the discussion focused mainly around the place of installation of the monument. Against this background, RVIA urged the city Council to consider other accommodation options. Vladimir Medinsky publicly agreed with the arguments in favor of moving the monument, noting that the place needs to choose the Muscovites. The search for a new place led to the fact that the installation of the monument was postponed for a year.

As a result, the RVIA referred to three options – charge, Lubyanka square and Borovitskaya square, which on 20 July was put on Internet voting, which lasted a month. The participants of the Internet poll, RVIA by a majority of 62% chose the Borovitsky area. The deputies supported the choice of Muscovites. At the same time at UNESCO, was sent the documents for approval, because the Borovitsky area is part of a UNESCO world heritage site “the Moscow Kremlin and Red square”.

Why the monument needed in the capital

Salavat Shcherbakov has told to the newspaper VIEW of the personal relation to the figure of Vladimir, noting that it is no different from the usual image of Prince in the history that is taught since childhood and which tell of grandparents in families. “Vladimir baptized Rus a thousand years ago. Because of this faith, the country overcame all the difficulties and trials. Was born the great Russian culture, civilization. Now the country’s borders are much wider than in the old days,” said Shcherbakov. “This is the founder of our country. In contrast to the problematic figures of Stalin, Ivan the terrible and even Peter the first, Vladimir – absolutely certain figure,” – said the sculptor.

In the Orthodox Church, which also played a very important role in the decision to erect a monument to emphasize that the example of the life of the Holy Prince Vladimir, the “evolved” from paganism to Christianity through active personal search can teach the modern Russian youth.

As said the Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Vladimir Legoyda, all institutional changes Prince “was the result of deep inner work and change of personality”. “Once again I want to remember his words, which show the path taken Prince: “I was the beast, and became man” – said Legoyda. According to him, the Prince of Vladimir – example of a personal search and understanding that “there is in Christianity, in fact, that is the power of the spirit, which is motivated by love and which is stronger than everything, conceivable and inconceivable, given in human experience”.


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