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Friday, March 16, 2018

Ruslanova got its name as a result of fraud

In mid-October marked 116 years since the birth of the great Russian singer, performer of folk songs Lydia Andreyevna Ruslanova. Many thought her performance of folk songs reference. How Ruslanova has achieved national fame said the “MK” head of the Center of Russian culture and art, people’s artist of Russia, singer, Vladimir Devyatov.

photo: youtube.com

Vladimir Sergeevich as the singing Ruslanova was treated during its life? How to evaluate?

The great Russian singer Fyodor Ivanovich Chaliapin appreciated Lydia Andreevna as a singer. So in one of his letters he wrote : “Listened to the radio yesterday, singing Russian woman, sang at our Volzhsky. The song ended, and I noticed that the Beluga roar. She sang very talented and truthful”. It was believed that the performance of Russian folk songs Lydia Ruslanova was a reference. Its popularity was almost endless…

What songs were the most popular?

– The most popular songs in her performance, it’s folk songs, such as “the Steppe is all around”, “I walked up the hill,” “old Lime tree” and of course “Boots”.

-Started her career?

– Ruslanova had no special musical education. Although she was offered to enter the Saratov Conservatory, where he planned to make her an Opera singer. But Lydia Andreevna refused, as her manner of execution was not close.

– Where Ruslanova was born, who were her parents?

– The name “Lidiya Ruslanova” is a pseudonym, her real name according to some sources Agatha, on the other – Praskovya. The Name Leikin. Agatha Leykin was born in a poor peasant family of old believers in the Saratov region. Mother she belonged to the Finno-Ugric peoples – Erzya. In the family except Agafia had two more children. His father worked as a longshoreman. Later he was taken to the Russo-Japanese war, where he went missing.

What songs she had to listen to growing up?

The first song I heard Ruslanova was crying performed by grandmothers and mothers who mourned the departure of her father, Andrew Leikin, for the war. According to some sources, he still returned to his native land ,others remained unaccounted for.

-After the departure of his father at the front ,her education continued mother?

-Not quite. Mother of Agatha Lakini took the plant, and the girl was sent to her grandmother and brother father uncle Yasha. Uncle Yasha has played a very important role in her formation as a singer. Agatha learned a lot from it songs. Mother eventually fell ill and died. Agatha left to live with her grandmother, and to earn their bread , went and sang folk songs on the streets. After some time, at the request of the widow of a senior official girl got into a good orphanage, which did not take children of the common people. To hide the fact that Agatha is originally from a peasant family, the widow of the officer changed her in documents name. So Agatha Leykin was Lydia Ruslanova.

-The Ruslanova was doing, when he grew up?

-As an adult she began working at a furniture factory, where also sang. Then Ruslanova and realized that her vocation – the performance of folk songs.

-Had her first concert?

– The first concert of Lydia Ruslanova took place when the singer was 16 years old. She addressed the deputies of Saratov. On the stage of the Opera house.

-What did the singer Lidia Ruslanova, when did the Russo –German war 1914-1918 gg?

-In the 16th year, she went to the front, where he worked as a nurse and continued to sing, sang folk songs for the wounded.

-How was her personal life?

After the revolution of 1917, Lydia A. married . Her first husband was a quartermaster Vasily Stepanov. She bore him a son. Some sources say that her son did not live long, the other son took her husband, who left Ruslanova in the same year. Later Ruslanova said he would give all his talent, riches and fame only to touch his son. In 1919 she remarried after Naum Numina, who was a member of the Cheque. After 10 years they divorced. Third husband of Lydia Ruslanova became entertainer Michael harkavy. Since 1921 Ruslanova start to act and live in Moscow.

-How did the life and work of Lydia Andreevny in the years of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945?

-During the war Ruslanova lot and regularly worked in the concert brigades who went to the front. Thank Lydia quickly flew to the front . Earned her money was made and sent to the front two batteries “Katyusha”. In the spring of 1945 Lydia arrived in Berlin, where on 2 may together with the Cossack ensemble gave a concert at the Reichstag walls. Most often Ruslanova ordered song “Valenki”. In the 40s, during the war, she married Lieutenant-General Vladimir Kryukov, who was well acquainted with Marshal Georgi Zhukov and was part of his entourage.

-Surely Ruslanova was one of the first who received the title of “national”?

The only title that she has received over the years of creativity – “Honored artist of the RSFSR”. It was assigned on June 28, 1942. People’s artist, despite the national love and immense popularity, she was not destined to become.

-How was her relationship with the government?

-Relations Lydia Andreevny with the government I would call difficult .She was cutting and direct in judgment, and the authorities don’t like it…As it is at a Banquet with Stalin, she mentioned that her family are starving. Stalin called Ruslanova very “talkative” and most of it is not invited to such events .

In the 48th year during the opening of the “plot of generals” arrested her husband, Lieutenant–General Vladimir Kryukov. He was declared a member of the so-called military conspiracy. In the same year, was arrested and Ruslanova. Album of the singer was banned. Have Ruslanova and Kryukov were seized jewelry, cars, marble sculptures, furs and so on.

-When they are rehabilitated? As continued life of Lydia Andreevna?

In August 1953, they were both rehabilitated and released. There has been a renewed touring schedule of the singer. But after some time, in 1959 ,Vladimir Kryukov died of a heart attack. After the incident, Ruslanova whole year was… But life went on, and continued the concerts of the artist. On stage Ruslanova still came out in Russian–folk costumes and traditional jewelry. It was not until the very end, until 1973. The final concert Ruslanova was a triumph. The great Russian singer died in Moscow in September 1973 of a heart attack.


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