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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Modern artists have caused something of a stir in the Observatory

Contemporary artists, Russian and Austrian, has taken to rein in the decent territory of the astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in Karachay-Cherkess Republic. “Marry” the culture of science they did, though not provocative and progressive, but very interesting.

Yuri Palmin, Marianne Gog, Simon Mraz photo: Ekaterina Alagic

The Observatory, as you know, a private – anybody here not allowed. But with the passage of the exhibition no problem: the organizers, people do not last settled. By the way, helm of the project are the sisters God: Madina – the local Minister of culture, and not the same to which we are accustomed, but a very intelligent and active; and Mariana is the founder Gogova Foundation. Helps girls Director of Austrian cultural forum Moscow, Simon Mraz, a well-known patron of contemporary art, conducting of the exhibition even at home.

So this exhibit striking themes that emerged in unusual circumstances. Just imagine: the Observatory was lost among green hills and low mountains is so enchanting that the bard and Vizbor gave birth in the one masterpiece. Now the area has inspired artists. The Austrians scattered work in the Observatory gallery, which is from the telescope with a 50-meter dome (size matters) separates the transparency of the glass.

As the view of the stars opens at night and most spectacular work – the installation of Timothy’s Sake – comes to life in complete darkness. Leave the Observatory and go to the light that filters through the fog. No light, no heavenly bodies, but unexpectedly high above his head grows the inscription “They are brighter than us,” burning neon lights. Frozen with surprise, tension, as you suddenly caught and forced to think about the universe in place at a height of 2,100 metres, which is more suited to the thought processes in the spirit of Kant.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

At dawn – it’s time to descend into the Lower Arkhyz valley, with a waterfall, from the tenth century, stands a stone temple. He’s not acting, but now, thanks to the efforts of Alexandra Paperno and not abandoned. In the sanctuary, she settled the arrangement of wooden panels with 51 constellation. Only abolished in 1922, the international astronomical Union: this group of stars not pleased astronomers names. Just think: officially canceled that now never existed. This is not a hoax, and another idiotic manifestation of the bureaucracy that made fun of the artist.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova
Alexander Paperno

At first there were fears that at her job, except journalists see no one, but appeared in a scientific town (a village of Beech) to the Observatory is home to about 800 people. They even have a gallery, recently appeared in a former grocery store. Here on the walls from thinning tiles still hang labels of vodka and other places of drinks. Simple is diluted with photographs of the architecture of the village. Its inhabitants, according to the author of a series of Yuri Palmin, used to look at something that is far (of course, using the “box”). And now they have the opportunity to pay attention to what is nearby – a trick for changing the angle of view.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

To change it will have when inspecting installations of Anna Titova in one of the local workshops. You have to sit on the bench, tilt your head to the ceiling, then in all its glory will appear neon creature. It is not clear, the space vibrates as in “Stalker” Tarkovsky. Someone says that the image of the ancient God of EOL, the other chief designer of the Observatory, others – the man with the axe…

Controversial and Irina Korina for its “Sanctuaries”, scattered around the village. Illuminated, reduced hundreds of times the model of the Observatory, the glass of which the tree branch circling pinecone, Christmas ball, tea bag of tea and a spool of thread. The second work attached to the building with workshops and recalls the air-conditioned inside where the bulb revolve around candy, called the author of the planets. Finally, the last item is in the mail and is a mail box, only with lights and cloth decoration.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

– Tatiana, accustomed to the new mailbox? – ask the worker of mail.

– At first it was unusual, but we were told that it is art, we believe. In the village rarely that great bring, so the residents all are happy. Only experience is that these things after the show will take, how they loved us.

Still interesting to hear the opinion of a professional, in our case it is the Museum’s Director “Garage” Anton Belov: “I met locals who were curiously examined the exhibits, read their description, ask the artists questions. See: is modern art is able to capture the unprepared audience, thus it integrates into places where seemingly no room for him. Do not be surprised if this project contributes to precedent – town from the closed will become open”.

It is quite possible. After all, the situation is that the story without any confusing concept, but with spectacular form produces an incredible effect. Of course, it’s still the place, or rather places where the scattered exhibits. During the movement from one to the other occurs the dynamic tension necessary for the perception of art, especially contemporary artists, thinkers and other humanitarian party, as expressed in his last novel, Mr. Pelevin.


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