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Monday, October 24, 2016

Media: the Earth sweeps huge asteroid, capable to destroy mankind

The asteroid called 2000 ET70, which in the near future will approach the Earth may crash into our planet and destroy life on it, and the way to effectively protect yourself from it, humanity has yet to come. Glad the English media has published these data with reference to the American space Agency NASA, although on the website of the Agency of such data is not contained.

photo: pixabay.com

According to British newspaper The Sun, at the moment about the asteroid is known not too much, but it is expected that in form it somewhat resembles a clenched fist, and the diameter is more than three kilometres — that is, large enough so that in case of collision with the Ground, the consequences were disastrous. Accurately determine the path of a celestial body specialists can’t, which means that the probability of Earth impact cannot be ruled out.

It is reported that in the past, this asteroid has already passed near the Earth at the point of closest approach the distance between our planet and space object was only 18 times the distance from earth to the moon — on a cosmic scale, it’s almost here. In future, a heavenly body may be even closer to the planet.

It should be noted that in parallel, the media applies a different statement, also attributed to NASA employees, according to which the greatest danger to the Earth, in all probability, are those giant asteroids that people don’t know. According to experts, modern technologies are not enough either in order to track all potentially threatening Earth asteroids, nor in order to accurately calculate their trajectory, or, even more, in order to take timely protective measures. But researchers note that any meteorite, the diameter of which exceeds one kilometre, can cause the Earth and all its inhabitants catastrophic damage.


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