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Friday, March 16, 2018

Geologists have unraveled the mystery of human evolution

On the territory of modern Ethiopia people first came during a surge in volcanic activity in the region. A new study conducted by a group of scientists under the leadership of William Hutchinson from Oxford University, suggests that this coincidence influenced the whole subsequent history of mankind and possibly the evolution of the human species.

photo: pixabay.com

The researchers found that volcanic activity in the Eastern part of Africa has increased by 320 thousand years ago, and only 170 thousand years ago came back to normal. This was due to the fact that the continent is slowly split, and lava from the earth’s interior rushed to the surface. In particular, a SUPERVOLCANO erupted in Ethiopia, where he also attended the fault. 200 thousand years ago this area was the ancient people. In the study, experts have studied the volcanoes of Aluto and Corbetti using radiocarbon analysis.

According to the researchers, today it is quite difficult to say with confidence exactly how massive the eruption affected people, in particular, could those in advance to predict and catch at full strength to leave a dangerous area. However, the experts had no doubt about the fact that volcanoes not only changed the immediate environment of people, but also in many ways influenced their lives. First, the eruption literally “sent” the ancient people, expelling them from certain places and “blocking” certain migration paths. As a result, changes have undergone culture of a people, and ultimately changes almost certainly impacted and in what direction proceeded in their evolution.

Compiled by the research scientific work was presented in the journal Nature.

About 200 thousand years ago humanity went through a very significant period in its development — in particular, according to some versions, during this period people begin to create the first in the history of the Earth art works — jewelry and primitive figures.


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