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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ukrainian lie face Polish in disgust

Ukraine is once again trying to falsify history for the sake of attacking Russia. At this time, as expected, in a special statement in fomenting the Second world war will be charged with, among others, “the Russian Empire”. So Kiev is trying to settle their historical disputes with Warsaw. Whether successful this attempt?

On Thursday, the parliaments of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania are expected simultaneously to make statements about the assessment of historical events that took place in the beginning of the Second world war. Warned about this on Tuesday, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy paruby. The speaker could not resist and immediately gave the essence of the forthcoming Declaration.

“Let’s see what will outweigh: Polish pride and disgust or needs in the anti-Russian and anti-Soviet gestures”

“Actually, in this statement, we are proposing to specify who was to blame for the tragedy that happened in our lands – and the culprits was the Russian Empire, German Nazi, who began the Second world war”, – quotes the Chairman of the Parliament UNIAN. Will “stated that Russian imperialism today continues the same Imperial policy pursued in the last century,” promised paruby.

He added that “it will be quite a unique thing, when three of the Parliament at the same time will give not just the assessment of General history, but will also assess current actions of Russian imperialism”.

“There are signals about possible protests”

Parubiy also said: “For us it is important that the tension between Poland and Ukraine this summer, and was taken to all the historical insinuations were rejected”.

In the summer between Warsaw and Kiev about the dispute about the interpretation of the most tragic pages in the history of two peoples – the Volyn massacre of 1943. On 22 July, the Sejm of Poland declared 11 July as the National day of remembrance of the victims of the genocide committed by Ukrainian nationalists against the poles in the years 1943-1945. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he regretted the decision of the diet. Later in the Parliament was the draft resolution on the commemoration of “victims of genocide committed by the Polish government against the Ukrainians in the years 1919-1951”.

However, at the same time urging Parubiy “drop voltage” Kiev has now given the Warsaw clarification on the most recent “historical” scandals: why the Ukrainian authorities have banned the screening of the Polish movie “Volyn” Director of Presentation Imageslogo. “We were afraid that the movie “Volyn” can provoke (riots) in the streets, – said the Ambassador of Ukraine in Warsaw, former Ukrainian foreign Minister Andrei deshchitsa. – We have signals about possible protests, so we need to prepare society. The scenes that are shown in the film is quite naturalistic, and the Ukraine, they can trigger a large enough negative reaction”.

Before it became known that the premiere of the film was canceled in Kiev at the request of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine. The film is set in the period from the spring of 1939 until the summer of 1943. The script was written based on the novel “Hate” the Polish writer Stanislaw Srokowski, which tells about the crimes of the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA*). According to estimates by Polish historians, just for the Volhynia victims of the militants of the OUN-UPA were about 30-40 thousand poles. Note that the same paruby already offered the poles to blame for the Volyn massacre “Moscow imperialism”.

It will be extremely politicized statement

Ukrainian historian, head of the Fund “Ukrainian politics” Konstantin Bondarenko is not very clear why a third party was involved in more and the Lithuanian Seimas.

“If the statement applies to the Second world war, it would be logical to attract, for example, the Parliament of Belarus, for example, or the Israeli Knesset. With all due respect, I do not understand why I chose Lithuania, taking into account the differences between Ukraine and Poland on the evaluation of the Volyn massacre,” said political scientist newspaper VIEW. According to him, in that case, if you plan to not only condemn the Nazism and the Soviet Union, it would be logical, in addition to Lithuania, then to bring to the joint statement of other Baltic States.

According to Bondarenko, most likely, the statement will be generalized evaluative attitude to the Second world war in General and will be extremely politicized. “Historian Mikhail Pokrovsky described their science as politics turned to the past, the situation in Ukraine we see a confirmation of his words,” he explained.

Myths and truth about the great Otechestvennoi that the statement will be bound to the requirements of the current policy, sure, and Russian historian.

“In this case we see an attempt to neutralize her perception and value in favor of certain political invective aimed against Moscow. What will outweigh: Polish pride and disgust or needs in the anti-Russian gesture? We’ll see when we see the Declaration itself,” – said the newspaper VIEW head of research programs of Fund “Historical memory” Vladimir Frankfurt.

To fit today’s agenda

The President of the European center of geopolitical analysis Martin Domagala (Warsaw) says: the problem is that the historical events of the various kinds of policies trying to adjust to today’s agenda. “If we talk about the events of the Second world war and those evaluations that were given to her in present-day Ukraine, it is very important to us question about the Volyn massacre. In Kiev, as you know, they say that the Ukrainian nationalists in the massacre is not my fault that OUN fought for independence of their country,” – said the Polish scientist the newspaper LOOK.

Martin was Domogala notes: in Poland many people are more interested in the question of why the Ukrainian nationalists slaughtered the poles? “After all, did not the German Nazis, namely the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists. Six million Ukrainians fought on the Soviet side, and on the side of the OUN-UPA fought about 40 thousand people. The UPA is not the majority of Ukrainians, but in Kiev they are considered heroes,” – said the analyst.

According to him, if Kiev will continue the policy of glorification of the Ukrainian nationalists, it is fraught with the complications of relations not only with Poland. “After the denials of OUN-UPA in the Volyn massacre immediately raises the issue of historical revisionism in relation to world war II and on Holocaust denial. One follows the other, and this could have serious consequences for Ukraine”, – summed up the Polish politician said.

“Historical” the statement of the speaker Parubiy fits into the General trend of the falsification of the events of world war II in Kiev. For example, as reported Tuesday by the Kiev edition of “News”, organized by the Ukrainian state Institute of national remembrance, the exhibition dedicated to the history of Ukrainian soldiers, no soldier of the red army.

For the exhibition called “History of the Ukrainian army” was made 20 posters. They depict warriors, starting with the princely warriors of the XI century and ending with the current Ukrainian military in the Donbass. There are “portraits of Ukrainians in the armies of the Duchy of Lithuania, the Cossacks, Riflemen, Austria-Hungary, Galicia, UNR”, but during world war II is not represented in the image of the Ukrainian red army. Instead the images are of soldiers of the Carpathian Sich, and UPA* (banned in Russia).

Posters are made to budget money, and they are sent out to schools, military schools and military units, the newspaper notes. Thus, according to the Ukrainian teachers, the school does not know how to work with these posters. Teachers are going to change the program for yourself if the recommendations of the images will be a lot of “kinks”, and to reprint the portraits of the red army.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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