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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Trump plans to meet with Putin to prevent war

Billionaire Donald trump believes that problems in relations of Moscow and Washington stem from the fact that American politicians are too often insulted Vladimir Putin. In the event of his election to the US presidency candidate of the Republican party is ready to meet with the Russian leader, without waiting for formal inauguration. By the measure he hopes to prevent a war between the powers.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Speaking about Vladimir Putin, Donald trump said: “They are insulting him constantly. No wonder he can’t stand Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

“If I win on 8 November, I could meet with Putin prior to the procedure of inauguration. I think that would be great,” added the Republican candidate, answering a journalist’s question on measures to prevent war with Russia.

The billionaire also noticed that Russian nuclear weapons have left the us far behind, although experts from the USA to the veracity of that statement questioned, writes Politico. Thus, “Association for arms control,” cites that nuclear power countries are roughly equal.

Donald trump repeatedly positively reacted against Russia and President Vladimir Putin, for which he received allegations that he, “plays” Moscow. For example, in September, the Republican candidate promised that he would be “very, very good relations with Russia” if elected. Previously, trump said that he was ready to consider recognition of Crimea as Russian territory. Official Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on these statements quite restrained, stressing that the billionaire is only a candidate.

However, the sequence of statements Donald trump is no different. So, in early October, he accused Moscow of violating agreements on the Syrian conflict: “Russia broke the deal, now they shoot, they bomb, and all in the same spirit. This should put an end to, and do it quickly.” The candidate also added that Russia “respects neither President Barack Obama nor the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.”

There is no agreement about our country and the Republican party. Candidate for Vice-President and partner of trump in the election of Mike Pence constantly criticizes Moscow’s actions. During the debate he even invented the saying “the Russian bear never dies, it only hibernates” to prove that Russia has Imperial ambitions. “The statements made by Donald trump or me, is not an endorsement of Vladimir Putin. This accusation of lack of leadership to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton,” says Pence.

“During the election campaign, each candidate focused on a specific audience – says “MK” head of the Center for international security, IMEMO ran Alexei Arbatov. – If relations between the US and Russia was now very good, that the opposition candidate would be much more rigid, hostile attitude towards Russia, as it was in 2012. So as of now our relationship is very bad, and Barack Obama supports a democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the Republican contender has positioned himself on the other side. If Donald trump comes to power, he will need a lot of time to put forward their proposals on foreign policy, because it is in these cases completely inexperienced and we don’t know who he will take to his Cabinet. To meet with the Russian President, he will likely want, but it will be purely a symbolic meeting, during which they will shake hands and say that we need to improve Russian-American relations. As regards concrete agreements, with trump it will take a long time, even if he sincerely wants to undertake such efforts”.


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