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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The space ambitions of Ukraine is far from reality

Shapkozakidatelskie mood, it seems, is still alive in Ukraine, despite a deep economic crisis. Now the head of the famous CB “South” has announced that his country is technically able to organize a flight to Mars and build a base on the moon. How do these loud voices with the real state of the Ukrainian space industry?

The space industry of Ukraine and Russia – the remnants of a once shared space industry of the Soviet Union, and its members, being students of the same academic schools, are able to objectively evaluate the potential of each of the heiresses of the Soviet space. So the Russians have caused, to put it mildly, the words of the Director of the state enterprise “Design Bureau “southern” them. M. K. Yangelya” Alexander Degtyarev, who in an interview with “UKRINFORM”, said that “Ukraine has sufficient technologies that allow us to manufacture all components for this project (Mars mission – approx. ed.)”.

“If our country remained United, it would be possible to do lunar and Mars program”

Also, according to the representative of the Ukrainian space industry, his company offered “a year ago the project of creation of the experimental base on the moon” as “the same results can be obtained faster on the moon, solving the same challenges of life on the planets of the Solar system.” Degtyarev also expressed the belief that “we act as leaders, because we can be leaders – not financial, scientific, technological”.

“In their circumstances to speak about leadership it is a bit early, – said the newspaper VIEW, the scientific head of the Moscow space club Ivan Moiseev. – Ukrainian scientists, of course, have the scientific potential for the development of ideas, and if they happen to be standing, they will be taken into development. But only in cooperation with leading space powers. Today Ukraine is in its capabilities not even India sent to Mars a private spacecraft. She may be the only one of the links in a chain, since there is very much there from the outer structure, for example, a private spaceport”.

However, Ukraine did not seem saddened by the fact that initially will play a minor role in space programmes of world powers, traditionally, as it is now the elite of this country, relying on cooperation with the United States. At the same time, as reported by RIA “Novosti”, the first President of the state Leonid Kravchuk believes that even in this as we are talking only about equal partnership:

“Ukraine continues to be the state space. Our well-known plant in Dnipropetrovsk can build a rocket the latest level. Even countries like the US, find it possible to cooperate with us. Our astronauts participated in the American-Ukrainian space programs, was in space. Ukrainian base on the moon is real. I think that Russia can participate in this, because the components of this missile produced in Russia… the First stage of the rocket “Antares” – Ukrainian. In this case, the United States, we provide financial assistance and use our science and technology, and we use their ability spaceports. Here mutual interest. Yesterday I spoke with a representative from our space Agency, he told me the details of this program. We are not just someone we serve, we serve science, world, space, and our scientists and technicians work in this vein and take the forefront”.

For his part, the writer and futurist Maxim Kalashnikov told the newspaper VIEW that does not see preconditions even for the technological leadership of the Ukrainian space industry:

“Let’s do an analysis on the basis of the size GDP in dollars per capita. Ukraine failed to approach the level of Ukrainian SSR before the collapse of the Soviet Union, i.e. as of 1990 the highest rate in 2008 was only 74.2% of that level. And in the pre-2013 it was equal to 4.9 thousand USD, while in Russia – 15 thousand. For comparison: Denmark – 58,9 thousand, United States of 53.1, overall in the EU – 34, in the crisis in Greece – 20,5, neighboring Poland – 13,4, Romania – 7, Bulgaria – 7,9, Albania – 4,1, Georgia is 3.5. As of 2016, the figure for Ukraine is already 2.1 thousand dollars, next is Honduras – 2.2 thousand, Tuvalu is 2.03. You heard anything about the space program Tuvalu or Honduras? I’ll tell you more over a mark of 2 thousand dollars begins the process of social disintegration of the state, which begins to be enough money only for the maintenance of the administrative apparatus and security forces”.

Kalashnikov believes that to speak about any independent Ukrainian space industry does not make sense, as its existing power – only a fragment of the Soviet space industry. Ukrainian space enterprises are not viable without recovery of cooperation with other enterprises of the complex, located in the former Soviet Union, primarily in Russia:

“Yes, on the territory of the USSR at the time was being developed and manufactured the famous missile RS-20, a very good launch vehicles “Zenit”, but to anything like independent Ukraine even come close are unable. Unfortunately, there are implanted the myths that all the achievements of those years did not appear because of them whole country worked, but only due to the fact that Ukrainians are such a hardworking nation, with the European mentality. However, their “Yuzhmash”, producing launch vehicles, is now in a desperate situation. Of course, if there were investors ready to invest in the “space industry” Ukraine billions of dollars, and this splinter of the Soviet space industry could be raised to full status, but no one needs. But, if our country was United, and the Ukrainian enterprises of the industry again found a worthy place, it would be possible to do lunar and Martian programs.”

Confirmation of these words can serve as story of the “Yuzhmash” and, accordingly, CB “South”. The company, breaking at the whim of the authorities in Kiev relations with Russia, as already said earlier the newspaper VIEW, suffered huge losses. Including because it was lost in the face of Russian partners market the aforementioned rocket “Zenit”. At the same time Ukraine refused to pay the debts of the Russian banks holding the “K” and design Bureau “Pivdenne” in the amount of 507 million dollars, taken at the time under the state guarantees.

Employees of the enterprise “high-end” industry has a chance to experience all the hardships of reorientation “Yuzhmash” from Russia to the West: they were sent on forced leave, was off the water, with the result that I had to stop work in foundries and forge-related areas and in places where the quenching and cooling of the metal and to close all the bathrooms.

It is not surprising that the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics named after Tsiolkovsky Yury Karash in conversation with the newspaper VIEW and refused to accept the word Degtyaryova seriously, comparing the space ambitions of Ukraine with “the cosmic ambitions of the Congo or Sierra Leone”: “With the same success it would be possible to assess the statements of the head of this KB is about ready to fly to Saturn, Uranus or Neptune”.

In fact, talking about the same thing and the Ukrainian scientists. At the end of August this year, the Director of the space research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the National space Agency of Ukraine Oleg Fedorov said that the space industry and science in the country is in a state of decline, which was not in all the years of independence. Earlier, in early June, the Chairman of the national space Agency of Ukraine (GKAU) Lyubomyr Sabadosh informed the public that refusal to cooperate with Russia worth of Ukrainian space industry millions of dollars. For its part, the newspaper OPINION, after analyzing the allegations of Sabadosa, came to the conclusion that the real loss of the Ukraine is much more.


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