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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The seventh time the Kremlin Palace enthusiastically greeted “ballet Stars of the XXI century”

This brand is an offshoot of the famous “Stars of the XXI century”, available in the West in a ballet format for more than 20 years. Concerts in Paris and new York, this brand are among the most prestigious. And the last stage of the Kremlin Palace, Kremlin Gala evening “ballet Stars of the XXI century”, in turn, not for nothing has the reputation of being one of the most significant events not only in Moscow but also international ballet season.

Photo: kremlinpalace.org

His parties are always the best dancers of the planet, the elite world of ballet. And exceed, for example, the concert shown in the Kremlin in the past year (and back then, it was part of the troupe Bejart and Eifman, international mega star Roberto Bolle, etc.) had to really try… But this time the organizer of the project, the Foundation Vladimir Vinokur “In support of culture and art” made the program almost as good as the previous.

Kremlin Gala Director Sergei Filin, as usual, is built in alternation of classical and modern rooms, with the explicit desire to give a balance of classicism and modernity. From the classics then there was the Grand pas d’action from ballet “the Bayadere” in the video … of the English Royal ballet Marianela núñez and Vadim Muntagirov, was and Grand pas d ensemble from ballet “Talisman” (in the wording of Vasily Medvedev), which depicting the God of wind Vayu and desperately impressive tryukachi Ivan Vasiliev darkening your cope pretty well with the party, Nerite partner, take State ballet of Berlin Yana Salenko. I must say that both fragments looked not excerpts from the plays, as often happens at a gala concert in this format, but as a full picture in a luxurious decoration 3D projection, replacing the scenery and accompanied by the corps de ballet.

It was in the classic component of PM and assigned by the organizers Marius Petipa pas de Deux from “Le Corsaire” danced; luxuriously prima ballerina of the American ballet theater and Ballet San Francisco, Maria Kochetkova and leading soloist of the Bolshoi Igor Tsvirko, and unchanged Fokine’s “the Swan” in an interesting interpretation of the stars of the Bolshoi theatre Olga Smirnova.

However, as always, adored by the public classic, despite the high quality of its performance, gave the concert an explicit priority to the most urgent of our time. Moreover, such a contemporaneity ever seen, very blasé and spoiled innovations of the Moscow ballet audience.

7 world premières in total were presented at this gala concert. Even Adagio from the ballet “the Nutcracker” was shown in modern versions of Jean-Christophe Maillot (he’s the ballet called “the Nutcracker troupe”) in a thrilling performance of Olga Smirnova and Artem Ovcharenko. The choreographer of the Monte Carlo, who took the idea (borrowing it from Preljocaj) Rodin’s the kiss, fell in love with this couple from the Bolshoi theatre, reworking them for its own ballet company.

But the main lure Kremlin Gala was certainly an iconic dancer of the last twenty years and the best dancer of the world Lucia Lacarra. Due to disagreements with the new artistic Director Igor Zelensky recently left the Bavarian Opera at the gala, she represented the Dortmund ballet Company and Russell Maliphant.

This amazing property is absolutely exceptional, both technically and acting in the plane of the ballerina is that even very secondary in a dance number, she her performance turns into pure gold… That she was successfully demonstrated at the gala –concert with the unknown for the Moscow audience Adagio from the ballet “Lady with camellias” choreographed Shaft Caniparoli (as we have explained to her husband and partner Marlon Dino after the gig, dancing a choreography by John Neumeier from “Ladies with camellias” ballet dancer can now only in the full play, and can not show the fragments in gala concerts).

But dancing the choreography Russell Maliphant (room “a Turn of the spiral”), with experiments which are working in it company Ms. Lacarra touched in dense, she even surpassed such outstanding dancer of our time as Sylvie Guillem, the cooperation which this choreographer, many in memory.

The undoubted success of the concert call and the number of “Flowers on the water”, which was performed by the actors of the troupe “Theaterhaus Gauthier Dance” Maurus Gauthier and Garazi Perez Oloriz. For him, the concert organizers need to put a separate ten balls. After all, the room, and put his choreographer On Chang Tsai – undoubtedly the opening of the Kremlin Gala. Insisted on it the daughter of the General producer of the Fund, Anastasia Vinokur as a dancer, she appreciated his perspective. On the basis of the famous quotes of Jiri Kylian from the ballet “Six dances” and creatively developing it, the Taiwanese choreographer presented before the audience a real gender Orgy… As in Kilian here the dancer seated on her pack closed the first partner is a ballerina giant growth with men’s feet, nicely running around the stage and then finally divided into two (he and she are in the result in tutus) dancers frolic, in his own way, lifting their petticoats, wobbling thighs and loins, and testing the tolerance “of the Kremlin” the audience. Our audience is not only not embarrassed by the antics of the choreographer, but the humor is appreciated, sincerely had a lot of fun and gave the artists a warm reception.

Himself Eric Gauthier, trendy modern choreographer and founder of the troupe, also made the audience a magnificent gift. Especially for the Kremlin Gala in the continuation of the popular “Ballet 101,” shown at the Kremlin concert last time he created a new product – “Ballet 102”, which is not the one the dancer, as it was before, and a pair of ballet under the command of the choreographer’s funny takes first in the sequence from 1 to 100, and then modeling them in a random order (under the command 70 is lurking, for example, pose depicting orgasm) effervescent PA.

Extremely well-written concert spoiled only one is new. Lightly seasoned with humor (at the point when two dancers suspended above the stage on ropes as they descend with a parachute) primitive choreographic sketches in the room Ivan Vasiliev “Skydivers” was pure “baby talk on the lawn” (with the green lawn in the reality depicted in the video.), which could experience an acute feeling of embarrassment. But the awkwardness was smoothed by participation in Kremlin Gala Ivan Vasiliev as the outstanding dancer, literally amazed the audience with their jumps in “Talisman”.

Special thanks I must say to the organizers for the revival of the rooms of the Anton Valley “Variations for four” (created for London Festival ballet in 1957), which was performed by such dancers as Erik Bruhn, Julio Bocca, Vladimir Malakhov….

– A lot of effort we spent on the last number of the evening “Variations for four”, which is the Russian premiere and restored specially for the Kremlin Gala – told me after the show, the Executive producer of the concert Michael Sheynin. – First, we had the idea to take four of the Bolshoi’s artists to have the time to rehearse and correct, nice and good to do it. But then we decided that much more interesting would be if this room will dance with artists from different theaters. After all, it is a difficult task, to combine in one room the strongest dancers of the world… And the more complicated, as you know, the more interesting. And as a result, in this room, we danced with performers from the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theatres, Covent garden and Berlin. As it turned out of course to judge the audience….

Well, judging by the frantic reaction of the audience, “Variations for four” the audience appreciated. In variations, identified four dancers (Vadim Muntagirov, Marian Walter, Timur Askerov, Semyon Chudin) with four elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air, the first violin was the Premier of the Bolshoi theatre Semyon Chudin. The precision and beauty of execution, filigree sanoski, jumping in a circle, sets him apart from others, however, are excellent dancers, the best in classic dance.


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