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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The may floods in Europe associated with the North American mission aircraft

To make correct weather forecasts meteorologists interfere… jet passenger aircraft, and more precisely, the contrails that they leave in the sky. Such an assumption is made recently by the participants of an international team of researchers from France, Germany and the UK, who failed to advance to predict floods at the end of may – beginning of June this year in France and Germany.

photo: pixabay.com

The devastation caused by the disaster and casualties (more than 20 people) could have been avoided, if not…. passenger (mainly North American) aircraft effecting their condensation traces on the distribution of air masses in the troposphere. Forecasters also suggest that the jet give rise to new and unpredictable waves of rossbi — curves of high-altitude winds having an impact on cyclones and anticyclones.

Significant contribution to the formation of the weather all these factors have, of course, can’t. However, according to scientists, they are quite able to “confuse” the sensors, meteorological probes, which ultimately leads to the wrong prediction of weather.

To test their hypothesis, European researchers have launched a project called NAWDEX German meteorological aircraft Dassault Falcon 20 and Gulfstream G550, French aircraft for atmospheric research Falcon 20 and the British BAe 146-300. Radar and the probes installed on them, should help to determine the structure of the jet aircraft and to record corresponding changes in the atmosphere.

Review the leading expert of the Center weather PHOBOS Eugene TISKOVNA:

Condensation trails from aircraft, it turns out that the combustion products of kerosene, getting into a cold atmosphere congenerous sharply, resulting in the modest reserves of water vapor, which are at an altitude of 10-12 kilometers, turn into ice crystals. It turns out something resembling a Cirrus. Of course, affect the projections contrails can not: their thickness is 10-20 meters, they are rapidly eroded by the flow of air. The influx of solar radiation on the Earth of this decrease can not. As for sensors, weather balloons, which, according to European scientists, fix corrupted data, on this score we can say the following: experienced forecaster obvious deviations from the General number of fairly predictable meanings to confuse can’t. At altitudes of 10 km and the higher the temperature always drops, and when there are deviations from the falling temperature, it is immediately obvious. Waves of rossbi is generally poorly studied phenomenon, which drag to condensation jets I also refused.


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